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Will Sabahans thunder ‘enough is enough’ at the polls? 

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May Sabahans be the saviours of a nation still struggling to rid the land of corruption and greed, JD Lovrenciear writes.

On 26 September 2020, a new chapter in the nation’s history will be inked. What will it be? 

Will Sabahans turn out like an avalanche with the ultimate message to all deceitful politicians, or will they choose to keep their heads buried in the sand? 

Will Sabahans fall prey to the sentiments surrounding race, religion and language? 

Or will they unite at the ballot box with a thundering voice of “enough is enough”? 

If the 2018 general election was a momentous chapter in the power of democracy at work, we all know it took only 22 months for a political coup to desecrate and destroy that success. 

We also know that Sabah now is at the cusp of returning justice to the people, come 26 September 2020.

Will Sabahans enter the page of history as the people from the eastern-most part of the land who returned us to a more moral and virtuous path of progressive nationhood? 

Or will we fall for despicable money politics, which allows race, religion and language to be used to divide us?

All that the rest of Malaysia can do is pray and hope for a decisive healing miracle. 

May Sabahans be the saviours of a nation still struggling to rid the land of corruption and greed. 

Even our neighbours in South East Asia are keeping their fingers crossed. For all of us, democracy must triumph against evil plots to further liberate and empower this region in these challenging times of great geopolitical and economic distress. 

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loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
15 Sep 2020 4.02pm

Yes, JD, I am holding my breath as I await that fateful day , Sept.26th – well, not literally, of course.
But much will be read into the Sabah polls results, one way or the other.
Like you, JD , I hope our Sabahan rakyat will give all those deceitful frogs a very costly lesson.
If Warisan plus can triumph over the evil forces of the backdoor govt. there may as yet be hope for our nation when GE15 needs to be called.

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