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Worry no more, Mahathir – Anwar can do a far better job than you did!

Your time is up. It's time to pack up and go!

Anwar and Mahathir

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For his own good, Dr Mahathir Mohamad should just fade away from Malaysian politics.

The more he comments on politics, the more he leaves us with no doubt he has become irrelevant to the national affairs of Malaysia.

In a recent interview, Mahathir said Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim seemed preoccupied with maintaining support in Parliament.

For Mahathir to say this just six days after Anwar’s support had been indisputably settled in Parliament by an overwhelming majority, it only confirms that the former PM is no longer in touch with political developments in the country.

Six days earlier, on 19 December, Parliament had passed a vote of confidence in Anwar through a voice vote, by what is considered a two-thirds majority. Anwar has thus secured and legitimised his position once and for all. For Mahathir to be unaware of this speaks very poorly of him.

It makes nonsense of Mahathir’s view that he is not confident in Anwar’s ability to face the current economic downturn and help in the post-Covid recovery. He doesn’t provide any supporting evidence to justify his claim. It is an outlandish claim by a man who is totally in the dark about what is happening in the country.

Who really cares whether he has any confidence in Anwar? Anwar was not elected on the basis of Mahathir’s confidence in Anwar. He was elected on his own merit and endorsed by Parliament.

Anwar’s coalition, Pakatan Harapan, won the most number of seats in the recent general election, and with cooperation from other political parties, he cobbled together a ‘unity government’ that is functioning beyond expectation.

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So far, many have been impressed with Anwar’s statements and comments about how he intends to steer the country for the larger good of the nation. In just one month after being sworn in as PM, he has generated a lot of confidence in his leadership.

Let’s assure Mahathir: “Worry no more, Dr M – Anwar can do a far better job than you did in your two stints as PM. You had 24 years not to govern but to rule Malaysia. What better results did you produce or provide?”

You scuttled a duly elected government of the people by foolishly resigning. You thought Malaysia was beholden to you and you would be reappointed with a free hand to form a government of your choice.

That did not happen! What happened was that Malaysia could move on without you.

To reinforce this fact, you were trounced in Langkawi. You not only came fourth out of five contestants but unbelievably lost your deposit as well! Until then, no former prime minister had ever suffered such a belittling humiliation.

Not only that, your entire party, Pejuang, got wiped out. Every electoral candidate fielded by your party was totally and completely rejected, with every one of them losing their deposit!

The 158 Pejuang parliamentary and state candidates suffered such a crushing defeat, losing deposits totalling RM1,365,000!

What more convincing do you need that you are no longer wanted? Your time is up. It’s time to pack up and go!

And please do not tell us about Anwar listening to World Bank and International Monetary Fund opinions. For the truthful record, Anwar never agreed to their total prescription, only partial.

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And do remember that countries who took the World Bank/IMF prescriptions such as Thailand and Indonesia are doing comparatively well, relative to Malaysia.

With respect, your unorthodox and contrarian pegging of the ringgit to the US dollar, therefore, could never be the total answer that you claimed it to be. Look again at Thailand and Indonesia, please.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
27 Dec 2022 9.46pm

Malaysia, after the ringgit pegging in response to bathulism in 1998, seems
to have gone from crisis to crisis, underscoring my suspicion that pegging
was not, despite assertions to the contrary, the total answer to the structural
weakness in its overall economy.

In life, we sometimes must bite the bullet, howsoever bitter, to resolve some
problems pervading our lives. The Asian financial crisis in 1998 was one
such time for Malaysia, though I was by then already staying in NZ for nearly
10 years.

The World Bank/IMF prescription contained some measures that would have
constrained our national freedom in policy formulation. I vaguely remember
they had to do with Ketuanan Melayu, but my memory fails me on the details.

Mohammad Azlan bin Mon Jamaluddin
Mohammad Azlan bin Mon Jamaluddin
27 Dec 2022 2.18pm

When I was working as a young man in 1990, I was taught by my boss never to think that I was indispensable.

Even if you were to die, your organisation can replace you quickly.

So Dr. Mahathir, please take note that the world will not stop revolving after you die. Some people might mourn you for a while; and then will get on with their lives.

So just let go and let Anwar do his job. Your time has gone !!!

Angeline Lesslar
Angeline Lesslar
27 Dec 2022 1.34pm

A true leader must know when to step down n hand over d reins. Mahathir never had this quality. Every day now is a bonus to him. He shd learn to thank God n enjoy whatever time he has instead of being bitter n clinging on to power n unfinished business. Let go…

Lau Kien Foh
Lau Kien Foh
27 Dec 2022 1.11pm

Well said 👍🏼

John Yeo
John Yeo
27 Dec 2022 11.48am

TDMM has a very high ego! All others are stupid in his eyes!! Too bad and he can’t even win his own Constituency! What to talk somr more.

Stephen Nah
Stephen Nah
27 Dec 2022 11.15am

Tks Rama, you conveyed the feeling n sentiment of my friends, relatives n me very explicitly. Best Dr M do a favour for himself, family n friends to quietly fade away… or just be kind, gracious, humble and think Malaysian… stop being a racist n fear that another man could eclipse your earlier legacy.

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