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Worrying drug abuse in police force

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If we care enough for our nation and its people’s future, we need to put the battle against drug addiction as a number one priority, says JD Lovrenciear.

According to the narcotics CID director Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd, some190 police officers, including several high-ranking ones, were tested positive for drugs recently.

This is indeed serious. We do not yet know how widespread this malaise is.

The police leadership should be commended for taking measures to plug this long-suspected but widely denied problem within the police force.

Meanwhile, the government needs to take responsibility and not preach down to the police force or try to slither out. We need to ask serious questions even though it may be painful and hurt certain quarters within Putrajaya.

  • Is the drug problem related to stress on the job, given the fact that our personnel in blue are understaffed and overworked in poor working conditions without functional, effective technology?
  • Is the drug problem more than just individual police personnel taking to bad habits?
  • Could it be that there are hidden hands at work to spike and weaken the force through a network of drug peddling?

If the top guns of government-linked companies and government-linked investment companies could be paid handsomely, given the political penchant to create more millionaires, why do some of our police have to depend on raising their own funds through a scheme of activities, with some officers believed to be paying out of their own pockets just to get their jobs done?

If the government can build mega structures for civil servants and investment ventures, why can’t the government resolve the housing woes of the police and ensure their families have a comparably decent, comfortable place to dwell?

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And if even our enforcers of the law are falling into the hands of drug peddlers and becoming addicts, what is the situation like in the military, navy and air force?

Given our bloated civil service, which some believe is lowly motivated, to what extent is drug addiction prevalent within the walls of the country’s administration?

These are serious questions that cannot be kept under wraps to secure political survival. If we care enough for our nation and its people’s future, we need to put the battle against drug addiction as a number one priority and not fund all kinds of racial politicising and religious bigotry.

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