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Aliran Monthly honoured these Towering Malaysians

Towering Malaysians

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Malaysians must emulate the actions and deeds of these towering Malaysians in the cause of ‘Freedom, Justice and Solidarity’, says Francis Loh.

Ahmad Noor: trade unionist, former Member of Parliament (vol 23 no 7, 2003)

cover15(11)Abdoolcader Eusoffe: Supreme Court judge renowned for his outstanding legal mind. He was suspended as Supreme Court judge in the wake of the Salleh Abas judicial crisis (vol 15 no 11, 1995).

Al-Attas, Prof Syed Hussein: outstanding scholar, well known for his writings on ‘corruption’ and on debunking colonial myths and perceptions of ‘the lazy native’. He ended his academic career as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malaya. Founding president of Parti Gerakan (vol 27 no 1, 2007).

Along Sega: paramount leader of the last nomadic Penan group in Upper Limbang, Sarawak (vol 31 no 2, 2011),

Arunasalam, James: ‘Saint of Sentul’, social activist and community leader, Young Christian Workers leader who combined social justice and spirituality (vol 29 no 11/12, 2009).

Aziz Addruse, Y M Raja: Outstanding legal mind who was committed to justice and fairness. One of a few who have contributed most to the advancement of an independent legal profession in Malaysia, having served as President of the Malaysian Bar for an unprecedented three terms (vol 31 no 7, 2011).

Azmi Khalid: long-time Aliran exco member, law lecturer, human rights activist (vol 22 no 10, 2002).

Balasundram, G: Ipoh-based lawyer who supported Parti Sosialis Malaysia and struggled for the rights of workers and squatters (vol 30 no 11/12, 2010).

Charles Levin, Datuk Rev Brother: long-time Director of St Xavier’s Institution in Penang who encouraged his students and teachers to imbibe Lasallian values ‘to serve the last, the lost and the least’ (vol 32 no 9, 2012).

David, V: general secretary of the National Union of Factory and General Workers and later after its deregistration became Executive Secretary of the Transport Workers Union. Elected to Parliament first under the Labour Party and subsequently under the DAP. Detained under the ISA without trial on four occasions (vol 28 no 10, 2008).

Fadzil Noor, Dato’: president of Parti Islam SeMalaysia who promoted cooperation among the opposition parties in the 1990s and subsequently became Opposition Leader in Parliament (vol 22 no 6, 2002).

cover30(11)Fan Yew Teng: social activist, unionist, poet and writer, former Member of Parliament and state assembly member. He was charged with sedition and lost his pension (vol 30 no 11, 2010).

Fernandez, Irene: Founder of Tenaganita, which championed the rights of women and migrant workers. She exposed the maltreatment of detainees in Malaysia’s detention camps for which she was charged by the Malaysian government. After seven years of trial, she was convicted to one year’s imprisonment, a ruling which was finally overturned upon appeal. Winner of numerous international awards for her bravery and dedication to justice (vol 33 no 10: 2013).

Gan Teik Chee: founding member of Aliran and its secretary for many years; a respected lawyer, poet and writer (vol 30 no 2, 2010).

Ishak Hj Mohamad, Burhanuddin al-Helmy and Ahmad Boestamam: ‘unsung heroes of the struggle for Merdeka’ (vol 29 no 9, 2009).

Ishak Shaari: founding dean of Ikmas, UKM; outstanding scholar-activist who researched on problems of poverty and marginalisation in society (vol 21 no 6, 2001).

Ismail Hashim: founding member of Aliran, master photographer and visual artist, and academician who trained a new generation of socially aware visual artists (vol 32 no 10, 2012 and vol 33 nos 4 and no 5, 2013).

Jubal Lourdes: former Exco member of Aliran who worked tirelessly for his organisation and the wider society (vol 22 no 11, 2002)

am3310Karpal Singh: legendary warrior for justice, outstanding lawyer, former Member of Parliament, state assembly member and chairman of the Democratic Action Party. He was credited with more than 600 court decisions (vol 33 no 10, 2014).

Khoo Khay Jin, Philip: long-time writer for Aliran Monthly, academician, scholar activist who was awarded the ‘UN Malaysian Individual of the Year Award’ posthumously (vol 32 no 1, 2012).

Lim Chong Eu, Tun Dr: President of Parti Gerakan who became chief minister of Penang; he oversaw the rapid industrialisation of the state beginning from the 1970s. Respected for his efficient management (vol 30 no 11, 2010).

P Patto: multilingual orator and stalwart of the opposition Democratic Action Party who served as Member of Parliament for several terms and was the deputy secretary-general of the DAP. An ex-detainee too (vol 28 no 6, 2008).

Pillay, M G G: veteran journalist and pioneer and active contributor on the Sang Kanchil mailing list, the fore-runner of independent news portals (Aliran website, April 2006).

Rajakumar, M K: a doctor who cared not for reward but for democracy and justice. Chairman of the Selangor Labour Party and his party’s ideologue who was detained for long years. Also campaigned for health care and educational reforms in Malaysia (vol 28 no 10, 2008).

Rustam Sani: Aliran member, pre-eminent public intellectual and outstanding academic (vol 28 no 4, 2008).

Seenivasagam, D R: former Member of Parliament for Ipoh and president of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP); an outstanding lawyer and politician who was affectionately loved by the ordinary people (vol 30 no 7, 2010).

Seenivasagam S P: former Member of Parliament for Menglembu and co-founder with his brother of the PPP, which he led into the BN fold after the 1969 racial riots. He was the first and only elected president of the Ipoh Municipal Council (vol 30 no 9, 2010).

Sekhar, Tan Sri B C: Director of the Rubber Research Institute, a top scientist respected by his colleagues and admired by those who worked with him (vol 26 no 8, 2006).

Suffian, Tun Mohamad: Lord President of Malaysia’s judiciary from 1974-1982, arguably Malaysia’s most distinguished judge ever. A true friend of justice and champion of the law, he was at the forefront of the battle against the excesses of the Executive and in the defence of the Judiciary (vol 20 no 8, 2000).

Tan Chee Khoon, Tan Sri Dr: leader of the Labour Party, co-founder of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, and later Pekemas. Deeply respected by the rakyat especially the poor. He was dubbed ‘Mr Opposition’ (vol 16 no 8, 1996).

Tate, Desmond J Muzaffar: former Aliran exco member, author and publisher of books. “An old warrior who never gave up fighting… responsible and totally dependable.” He was especially active in the Reformasi movement and reported regularly on it for the AM (vol 24 no 1, 2004).

Teoh Beng Hock: a political aide to a Democratic Action Party assembly member; found dead on the rooftop of a building adjacent to MACC office after undergoing ‘interrogation’. His death resulted in a groundswell of protest against the methods of investigation used by the MACC (vol 30 no 8, 2010).

Tunku Abdul Rahman, Y T M: the much-loved father of Malaysian Independence and Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, who went on to become a noted critic of the BN in his regular column ‘Looking Back’ in a local daily (vol 10 no 12, 1990).

cover21(10)Usman Awang: Sasterawan Negara, the ‘People’s Poet’ and renowned writer who also worked to promote social justice and inter-ethnic relations (vol 21 no 10, 2001).

Wan Sulaiman, Tan Sri: One of the two Supreme Court judges who was removed in the wake of the Salleh Abas judicial crisis. “An honest judge who knew right from wrong” (vol 20 no 2, 2000).

Zaitun ‘Toni’ Kassim: feminist, a leader of the Women’s Candidacy Initiative who contested for the Selayang seat in the 1999 elections (vol 28 no 5, 2008).

“Outstanding Malaysian of the Year” awards presented by Aliran

1982 – Tan Sri Ahmad Noordin bin Zakaria
1983 – the Malaysian Worker
1984 – Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon
1985 – the people of Papan and Tambunan
1987 – YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman
1988 – Innocent ISA detainee
1990 – the People of Kelantan

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