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Martin Jalleh pays tribute to veteran opposition parliamentarian Lim Kit Siang on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

You have dared to continue to differ in spite of your double ISA detentions and the ‘dangers’ that come with voicing and doing what is right and just.

You have made a difference whilst others dance to the tune of the status quo and become self-serving servile lap dogs to the dominant powers that be.

You were discouraged, down but not out when the DAP faced a near-death in its dismal 1995 general election performance. You bounced back defying all political odds.

You were determined to soldier on in spite of a debilitating spate of defections in 1996 and disturbing frequent internal conflicts, divisions and factional disputes.

You desired to quit and to assume full responsibility for the DAP’s election debacle in 1999. Yet, you went on to prove that you were no political dinosaur and to disappoint those hoping for DAP’s demise!

You have been the DAP’s driving force and strong disciplinarian for several decades, thereby giving your enemies within and without the DAP the excuse to label you a “dictator”.

You have never despaired in spite of the many downs and dark and depressing moments in your political career, whilst others grew disillusioned and eventually disappeared from the political scene.

Your great diligence and dedication as an MP can be easily seen in the speed and frequency of your press statements which either denounced what was wrong or demanded answers and action.

You have been a fearless and fiery debater and defender of democracy in parliament. There is no equal to your defiant endurance. You undoubtedly deserve the title of ‘Mr. Opposition’.

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You have earned the respect and admiration of many a Malaysian for your indomitable and indefatigable spirit, your incorruptibility and integrity.

No honorific title would do justice to your faithfulness in your duty to king and country, except the honour that comes from the hearts of the rakyat who consider you a distinguished statesman and a principled politician.

May continue to God bless you Mr Lim Kit Siang! Happy Birthday Yang Berhormat (in every sense of the word)!

Martin Jalleh is a well-known political commentator

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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28 Feb 2011 9.52pm

Mr Lim Kit Siang, Sir,
I, Raymond Chin bow in respect on your 70th birthday.

andrew lin, sydney
andrew lin, sydney
23 Feb 2011 7.21am

Martin Jalleh’s piece was written for a very happy occasion – the 70th birthday celebration of YB Lim Kit Siang. As in all such auspicious events, a lavish of praises for and acknowledgment of achievements of the celebrant are certainly not out of place. Any shortcomings (and there may be many)are temporarily (and rightly so) set aside. Whether we like it or not, YB Lim is no ordinary person in Malaysia. His forty five years in politics were filled with ups and downs, more the latter. These involved countless personal sacrifices, pain and sorrow; and often went unreported. Martin’s article gave a succinct picture of these happenings. It should not be construed as an attempt in apple-polishing in any way, rather it should be viewed as an honest effort on the part of the writer to state the facts as they are. For the moment, let’s celebrate. This is not the time for politicking, and strong language should be refrained as a matter of courtesy. Lest I forget, “a belated Happy Birthday” to YB Lim.

26 Feb 2011 12.42am

” rather it should be viewed as an honest effort on the part of the writer to state the facts as they are. ”

The gross nepotism and an 0.002 % quorum in EXCO elections is all the fact as they are we need to understand DAP by. And this just the tip of the iceberg of Kulasegaran, Nallakaruppan, Jenapala, Gobalakrishnan who left because of RACISM. Only fools applaud these facts as they are.

22 Feb 2011 8.52pm

OMG Martin Jalleh, This is the *worst* most *shameless* lapdog article I have ever read. Aliran, you have degraded your journalism ethics for allowing this piece of Koh Tsu Koon worthy drivel on this site. VOTERS BOYCOTT DAP !!! Martin you won’t get that Propaganda Minister’s post, every article you write in this form will be countered by conscientious voters aware of lapdoggery and very bad politics and bad political parties when they see it. DAP is now OFFICIALLY rubbish because of this article and only tolerated because there is no alternative choice. DAP is a rubbish family clan association to begin with, now it attracts the subverted and self serving. Thanks for making DAP that much more hateful. Dr.Jeff Balan, sycophantry does not become the likes of you. How about working for a REAL Maharaja of India instead of this false flag … political hatchetman. A Samy Vellu no less!… LKS… You have with the aid of technology dared to continue to oppress and stir trouble in spite of your double ISA detentions and the “dangers” that come with voicing and doing what is wrong… Read more »

22 Feb 2011 4.33am

the honourable “sir”
lim kit siang.
a true malaysian hero< a true malaysian patriot. the height of lks reached and kept was not attained by copwardice and ball shinning he unlike leaders of mca fought and toiled for all malaysians. i as a citizen now bestow on him the title of "sir" lks

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