Umno hypocrisy


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What Karpal had said was mild compared to Dr Mahathir’s malicious utterances in the past about the rulers, observes our special correspondent. Yet Karpal is biadab; Dr M is not. Karpal is kurang ajar; Dr M is not. Karpal is a traitor; Dr M is not. Karpal is seditious; Dr M is not.

Photograph: theSun Daily
Photograph: theSun Daily

My, my, my, look who is defending the defender of the faith – of all groups, Umno!

Just for saying that the MB as Chief Executive of Perak has the constitutional right to remove an allegedly uncooperative, recalcitrant Religious Department official, who is a government servant, and that the Sultan plays only a consultative and advisory role, Karpal is being literally crucified.

Granted, the MB put the cart before the horse in not consulting and seeking the advice of the ruler before removing him.

Since its formation, Umno has shown neither regard nor respect for the rulers. Let us examine Umno’s record, which is indeed a disgraceful one.

In 1946 Umno organised a demonstration against the rulers who had given their consent to the Malayan Union proposals. The rulers withdrew their consent and this killed the Malayan Union.

In 1983 the Constitutional Amendment Bill, curbing the powers of the rulers was passed by both Houses of Parliament. This precipitated a constitutional crisis when the rulers rejected the amendments. As expected Umno orchestrated, through its government-controlled print and electronic media, a vicious and ruthless campaign to discredit the rulers.

Then Umno organised a series of illegal rallies – minus, of course, the FRU, water-canon and teargas! – in Alor Setar, Bagan Datoh, Seremban, Malacca and Batu Pahat at which Umno leaders, led by Dr M mercilessly castigated the rulers who were accused of behaving like feudal lords who were obstacles to progress and development. At these rallies Malay youths were seen wearing T-shirts bearing Dr M’s picture and the words Daulat Rakyat – I wonder if it meant Ketuanan Rakyat. There was a relentless campaign against the Malay rulers and the print (especially the Malay press) and the electronic media were fully marshalled to spew out mercilessly Umno propaganda against the rulers.

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Dossiers on the rulers and their wasteful and extravagant lifestyles was exposed. Remember the infamous yellow envelopes to the MB from the Negeri Sembilan ruler?

Dr M’s words then: “It was the rakyat who had protested against the Malayan Union … It was always the people who had fought for their destiny … We weren’t born ministers … We’re up here because we were chosen by all of you.”

Dr M had drawn the battle lines clearly – Malay sovereignty versus royal hegemony. At a so-called victory rally in Malacca Dr M declared proudly that the feudal system had ended.

What Karpal had said was mild compared to Dr M’s malicious utterances about the rulers. Yet Karpal is biadab; Dr M is not. Karpal is kurang ajar; Dr M is not. Karpal is a traitor; Dr M is not. Karpal is seditious; Dr M is not.

During the stand-off between Abdullah Badawi and the Sultan of Trengganu over the choice of the MB, AG Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said that under Article 34(1) of the Federal Constitution, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong cannot function as a ruler of a state except as the head of the Islamic religion. He further said that His Majesty was aware of the fact that appointing of the MB lay fully with the Regent and the Regency Advisory Council and that His Majesty had no role whatsoever under the law concerning it.

Aren’t the words of the AG seditious?

Over the same problem isn’t Datuk Rosol Wahid, Trengganu Umno Liaison Committee Secretary’s police report on the appointment of the MB an act of disobediance of the ruler? Police reports were made against him. As always Umno can do no wrong and is literally above the law. So no police action was taken. Wasn’t Datuk Rosol Wahid biadap, kurang ajar, a traitor and seditious as well?

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Umno is a dying party, a drowning party which will clutch every straw to survive. Umno from time to time uses the rulers, abuses them or pretends to put them on the pedestal and worships them to suit their political agenda.

I do not know what is going through the hearts, minds and souls of the Agong and his brother rulers regarding the atrocious behaviour of Umno politicians.

I am a patriotic Malaysian and love king and country. How nice a spectacle it would be if the rulers can line up all Umno leaders and Umnoputras, past and present, and give each one of the hypocrites a good kick in the back!

Originally published on on 14 May 2008

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