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25 years after Ops Lalang: Have we progressed?

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Martin Jalleh compiles selected thoughts from Suaram director Dr Kua Kia Soong, who points out that detention without trial still exists despite the repeal of the ISA.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

AGENDA RAKYAT - Lima perkara utama
  1. Tegakkan maruah serta kualiti kehidupan rakyat
  2. Galakkan pembangunan saksama, lestari serta tangani krisis alam sekitar
  3. Raikan kerencaman dan keterangkuman
  4. Selamatkan demokrasi dan angkatkan keluhuran undang-undang
  5. Lawan rasuah dan kronisme
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1 Nov 2012 7.56am

Right Gopal! I recognise YOU as one of those roaming around spreading trash! Happily for you, you are not parading as one of the political alternatives you mentioned. Ha ha!

Gopal Raj Kumar
31 Oct 2012 6.31pm

No we have not progressed much since the ISA because the government should have thrown the keys away after locking up some of the trash that now roam the streets parading as political alternatives.

They were … peddling snake oil politics then as they do now.

The likes of Ambiga Sreenivasan, Raja Petra Kamaruddin and their empty uncosted promises and crackpot suggestions and philosophies are testament to the need for an ISA and greater powers to detain for longer periods such trash.

31 Oct 2012 10.35am

I appreciate deeply the loss and the pain suffered by all those who were detained (and still under detention) under ISA for having political views and thoughts that differ from the Government

Bill Chua
Bill Chua
31 Oct 2012 9.46am

George Soros is not only one of the best investors in the world but very well informed too. He has spelt clearly what Malaysians have known all the while. Malaysia with all the riches in raw materials should have a stronger currency but what started one for one equivalent with S’pore 30 yrs ago now has lost out to S’pore currency by 2.3 times. Now Malaysians know why……..Soros has explained in very great detail….. Of course one cannot get to read this in the main media in Malaysia .

… published by Bangkok Post…

31 Oct 2012 11.30am
Reply to  Bill Chua

Do you have the link to article on the the Bangkok Post website?

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