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Highest debt in Malaysian history

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Martin Jalleh highlights concerns about Malaysia’s rising debt level in this graphic.

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1 lembu
1 lembu
12 Aug 2012 7.25pm

highest debt in in malaysia- 500 billion– how come such good news were never published in our main stream media.. aiyoh– i forgot lah

charlie 1
charlie 1
6 Aug 2012 6.56pm

JANJI di tepati– PROMISES FULFILLED== yes — m o to make our nation bankrupt,, promises done OK — a bankrupt nation when debts hit 55% of GDP– now is 53%– 2% to a bankrupt naation== then cows will CRY

Gopal Raj Kumar
6 Aug 2012 10.24am

Is this not the same Martin Jalleh who vented his distortions over two journalists (Malay Muslims) he claims desecrated the sacrament of Holy Communion in a Catholic Church not long ago? And he passes for a journalist or citizen blogger. Surely the opposition can do better than him.

Gopal Raj Kumar
6 Aug 2012 10.22am

Then perhaps like the empty coffee cups, the dirty ashtrays and the rest of the garbage on coffee tables at the end of the day, these people and the substance of their unsubstantiated fictitious and frivilous gossip ought to be left on those tables to be cleaned away.

You and their gossip that you repeat here add no value to such discussions and lend further weight to discrediting the already opposition to government in Malaysia.

5 Aug 2012 1.08pm

Coffee table talk indicates that ppl knows that the Govt has no money, and borrowing from left land to pay the right hand.

Gopal Raj Kumar
4 Aug 2012 10.41am

But why do you not also compare it with the comparatively high GDP, higher income per capita than ever before and the higher rate of development, productivity, output and relatively stable inflation and unemployment?

Which nations do you compare these statistics with about high debt. What’s wrong with debt if you can service it and leverage it to attain the levels of output income and productivity you desire?

An obsession about debt and debt alone without the other attendant factors is typical of the … mentality to try to destroy a government they do not have the kind of influence they crave. Not too many Abdullah Badawi’s and Tengku Abdul Rahmans available to exploit anymore?

6 Aug 2012 8.02pm

While the argument above is salient one, nonetheless we must also measure higher GDP and higher income per capita against rising inflation which when compared to makes the argument above a naive one even though the write claims that it is relatively stable (if compared to russia or any other banana republic then yes). Debt if accrued correctly in order to create free economy and attain high productivity levels which in turn generates wealth for the country than be used to pay of debts is perfectly acceptable. However this is not the case where projects and expenditure in the name of development often if not all the time is grossly exaggerated in order to benefit the select few cronies and their families. This is further heightened when this ill gotten gains are siphoned off to tax havens across the globe at the expense of tax payers and payment of loans to reduce national debt. The cycle is then repeated (more borrowing) further plunging the country’s debt into oblivion. In short borrowing if practiced correctly, wisely, fairly,transparently and spent in the same manner without corruption which is… Read more »

najib manaukau
3 Aug 2012 3.55pm

The morons, in the name of development, is borrowing to use as money for them to buy votes. In recent months alone they have given away billion of ringgits when they are fully aware that they can’t afford to but that is the last of their worry.
Presently their only worry is to be reelected at any cost the rest is not their worry including with borrowed money and (allegedly) hide them under contingency debt otherwise it will well exceed the 55% against the GDP by the previous government.
The truth is Malaysia is now no better off than Italy or Spain with their ratings and at the rates they are borrowing soon they (may) need assistance from IMF just like Italy or Spain!

3 Aug 2012 2.14pm

The govt keep on borrowing to finance development and at same times leakages,corruptions,mismanagement causes financial loss to the govt and the culprits are let free or charged but in the end let free for lack of strong evidence.
The privatisation of essential public services supposed to let free of the govt financial burdens and benefit the people but we do not see that happening.
We are blessed with plenty of natural resources which income will help us to finance developments without going for huge borrowings.but where are the money gone to?
Countries without natural resources are economically ahead of us and without much debts.
Should we bear to see these situations getting worse?

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