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Malaysia scandal claims not isolated, says MP

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Amid a scandal in Malaysia over a cattle feedlot supremo, an opposition party believes Prime Minister Najib Razak will not delay national elections – because political accusations may get worse. Sen Lam of Radio Australia reports.

Dr Kumar Devaraj, the only sitting federal MP of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), told Radio Australia’s Asia Pacific program high-level corruption is still an issue that haunts the nation.

PSM is devoted to giving the nation’s poor people a voice.

Dr Kumar said he did not believe ‘Cowgate’ – involving the husband of politician Shahrizat Abdul Jalil – “is an exception to the rule; that’s what they’ve been doing all along”.

‘Not isolated’

He said: “And that’s why they’re facing this upswing of public anger . . . precisely for this sort of thing. This is not isolated.”

Given allegations of corruption and PM Najib’s personal ratings, does he think general elections now are likely to be pushed back?

“Well, I think he can’t push it too far back. By March next year, it’s five years.

“And also, I think the economy is scaring the Barisan Nasional people, because if Europe goes into a recession, Malaysia being a trading country would face a downturn.

“And so the window of opportunity is actually closing, because at this point in time they can still win by a small majority.”

Listen to Dr Jeyakumar (Radio Australia audio)

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7 Apr 2012 3.56am

A recent study by MIT brains predicted a collapse of the global financial system by a decade or so. It’s a real eye-opener no matter if you’re a non-believer in simulations of future scenarios. Things can get haywire if we allow unbridled capitalism to go crazy and burn us to the stake! Capitalism itself is at stake right now!

Gopal Raj Kumar
2 Apr 2012 7.53pm

The worst forms of corruption in Malaysia are to be found in its marginalized and isolated Tamils. At the heart of their problem, the moral corruption of the caste system they simply will not let go of.

It is something they defend in the name of culture and multi culturalism. If they Malays through UMNO feed themselves and create an uber class then so be it. The Tamils too have that. Merit has no place amongst their kind. (Some) Chinese do it with a knife and a gun. Nothing has changed since the Ghee Hin and the Hai Sun or the Woh Hup Tongs. They are a little more discrete and have learned to mobilize the western media who have a fascination for the exotic stories.

Never mind the Barisan. Clean up the Tamil clanishness, their chauvanism wanting Tamil schools no one wants which has no utility to even the Tamils, then poking their noses into “corruption” what corruption? Like what Australia has?

The Tamils need to be a little more introspective instead of practising to be gangsters. Don’t blame the Malays or anyone else…

najib manaukau
19 Mar 2012 8.43am

That is why … deceitful and corrupted scumbags … from Umno are giving away billions of money they don’t have when the country budget is in deficit. You don’t need to be a genus to know why they are so generous lately, as usual the only thing they know how is to give away money. They are buying your votes with borrowed money which the people will have to pay back once the GE is over. Remember nothing is free in this world especially in a country controlled by these morons and goons ! I might also add that it will be with interest, that is if they can retain control of the country plus the right to continue to do what they have been doing along , to steal. Otherwise they will leave behind mountains of debts for the opposition to find ways to balance the book or join Greece to become bankrupt. Either ways they have nothing personally to loose. Just remember the country is in deficit, simple as that. To all the 1.4 million civil servants, remember this, you will be the first… Read more »

Ricker from Oz
19 Mar 2012 5.38am

Dr. Kumar had better watch out. If he keeps the heat on this corrupt Government, He is likely to face some trumped uo charges.

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