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People’s ballot rejects Lynas Corp’s rare earth refinery

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Some 200000 20000 people turned out for a mock referendum on Lynas Corporation’s rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Kuantan, reports Peter Boyle.

An anti-Lynas crowd in Kuantan

Some 99.9 per cent of some 20000 who voted in a mock referendum opposed the Lynas refinery.

Over the weekend of 14-15 July, communities in 30 locations around Malaysia participated in a National Day of Stop Lynas action against a rare earth refinery project being built in Malaysia by the Australian company, Lynas. Simultaneous solidarity actions took place in Australia – in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Roxby Downs (at the “Lizard’s Revenge” anti-nuclear music festival in the outback arid zone of South Australia).

The ore to be processed in this controversial refinery will be mined in Western Australia and shipped out, through the port of Fremantle, to Malaysia but Australia has refused to take back the toxic and radioactive waste produced in the refinery in the city of Kuantan.

Every year, at least 106 tonnes of radioactive thorium and a small quantity of uranium will be dumped amongst this waste along with an unknown cocktail of other substances.

According to a 16 July statement by the Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) coalition, the Lynas rare earth refinery plant was constructed “without any prior informed consent from local communities and citizens who will be getting the blunt end of the raw deal of permanent pollution risk whilst Lynas will be making a hefty profit tax-free”.

“Malaysians will be living under the shadow of radiation contamination forever from the world’s largest rare earth refinery built and managed by a company with no prior experience dealing with the complexity of rare earth pollution.”

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To make matters worse, activists say the refinery is situated in a peat swamp area only 3.5km from the South China Sea, an important seafood and tourism area. There are approximately 700000 people living within 30km from the Lynas refinery.

Malysian environmental activists believe that Lynas is building the processing plant in Malaysia, instead of Australia, to cut costs and to avoid having to deal with stringent environmental regulations in Australia for containing toxic and radioactive waste.

If the waste is “safe”, as the company claims, then it should get sent back to Australia where the mining for the rare earth ore occurred. But when this option was raised in the WA parliament by the WA Greens, the WA minister for mines and petroleum, Norman Moore, firmly rejected the idea.

The Malaysian government has stubbornly failed to acknowledge and take on board its citizens’ concerns and strong opposition to the Lynas project despite ongoing public protests since the issue became widely known after its opponents organised the biggest-ever environmental protest in Malaysia last February.

With an eye to upcoming general elections in Malaysia, activists organised a mock referendum on the Lynas project over last weekend.

“An overwhelming 99.9 per cent of the 20000 over people who were eligible to vote opted for the Lynas project to be stopped. For so many people to come out to show their opposition, it is a clear indication that Malaysians are ready to vote wisely at the next election”, said Ram, an SMSL activist.

Tan Bun Teet, spokesperson for SMSL said that activists were “greatly encouraged by the strong support we got from other communities throughout the country and from Australia. The weekend results have restored many people’s determination to keep fighting the terrible decision made by the government.”

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Malaysia had a bitter experience of an earlier rare earth refinery built in Bukit Merah in the state of Perak by the Japanese corporate giant, Mitsubishi. That plant was forced to close down after a drawn out political and legal battle that lasted a decade. Unfortunately, the local community suffered serious health effects over the years before the plant was forced to close in 1992.

“Given the Malaysian government’s mishandling and poor management of the Bukit Merah rare earth plant, it is ludicrous that we now have a plant at least ten times bigger with hundreds more times toxic waste to handle. It is on this basis that we as responsible tax-paying citizens will have to do everything possible to stop this madness.”

Source: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/51657

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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26 Aug 2012 7.10pm

1. Malaysian Journal of Nuclear and Related Technology


CLAY BRICK HOUSE = 0.43 mSv/year

(215 x Lynas Worst Case Scenario)


(100x Lynas worst case)

3. SLAG BRICK AND GRANITE HOUSE = up to 2.0 mSv/yr

(1,000x Lynas worst case)


Dato’ Dr Looi

20 Aug 2012 2.25am

* Anti-Lynas Quote: ” Lynas is like the captain of Exxon Valdez when he mess up. would anyone trust him on a boat anymore? Lynas has breach the trust of Gebeng people by doing a sloppy EIA report” Unquote. The main issue here has always been a “Fukushima” style explosion sending clouds of radioactive dust all over Kuantan. And when this was debunked, the anti-lynas folk has been claiming that the plant will be discharging out vast quantities of toxic and radioactive wastes. So has Lynas messed up by destroying the plant and caused a catastrophe even before the plant is functioning? The answer is a big NO and as such the question of “Would anyone trust him on a boat anymore? IS IRRELEVANT, PREMATURE AND UNFAIR.” THIS IS TANTAMOUNT TO ACCUSING SOMEONE OF SHOPLIFTING EVEN BEFORE HE ENTERS THE SHOP ! AND WHO SAYS THAT LYNAS HAS DONE A SLOPPY JOB ON THE EIA? DO YOU EXPECT LYNAS TO EMPLOY ALL THE NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS AND ALL THE PROFESSORS OF THE WORLD’S LEADING UNIVERSITIES TO DO AN EIA ON THE PLANT? LET’S BE FAIR. WHY NOT… Read more »

8 Aug 2012 4.29pm

Why is it that I sense that the pro-Lynas propaganda comments here are coming from foreigners from Australia and elsewhere (if we ignore for a moment the foolish Looi boy)?

I must say you guys are a diligent lot who keep coming back here to counter any critical comments and try and convince Malaysians that the refinery is the best thing since sliced bread. You foreign propaganda boys are arguing vociferously that the plant should be located in Malaysia because it is oh-so-safe. Well, if you are so convinced the waste is safe, please volunteer to import it to your country and store it in your backyard. But so far, I see no one volunteering.

Please, Malaysians are not as stupid as you would like to believe.

7 Aug 2012 8.31pm

The 2% that are not impressed with the state of art refinery probably shouldn’t be critical of the United Nations Nuclear Commission or other radiation experts. As another poster already stated your existing coal plants generate hundred to thousands of times the radiation the the Lynas plant would. Maybe you would have some credibility if you used science instead of emotional fear to help your comrades in China. Oh wait, science has already proved you wrong.

7 Aug 2012 8.04pm

Very Interesting exchange between a teenager and an old man !
Miss Anti-propaganda should really spend more time on her books and inrease her intellect instead of growing up to become a fool.

7 Aug 2012 3.37am

The opinions in this article are beyond logic and reason. The nuclear inspection commission was impressed by the Lynas plant. The releases from the refinery will be less than the current surrounding natural environment.

7 Aug 2012 10.51am
Reply to  Manei

Ah, another propaganda boy – from outside Malaysia I presume.

Unfortunately for you people, the people of Malaysia are NOT impressed with the plant.

So go crawl back into your rare earth or stuff the waste in your back yard.

5 Aug 2012 3.25am

* A BIT OF INTERESTING DATA: 1. LYNAS RARE EARTH PLANT ORE : = 6 Bq/g = 1,600 ppm (parts per million of Thorium) 2. MONAZITE FROM AMANG (MALAYSIAN TIN TAILINGS ) = 284 Bq/g = 69,608 ppm of Thorium-232 3. “LOW RADIOACTIVITY WASTE” stored in La Rochelle Rare Earth Plant in France = 48 Bq/g from Thorium 232 = 11,765 ppm (6 Bq or 482 ppm of Uranium-238 not included) 4. Also stored in La Rochelle Plant are THORIUM NITRATE and crude THORIUM HYDROXIDE consisting of : a) 11,000 TONNES OF THORIUM NITRATE (Mass Activity = 1650 Bq/g) b) 20,000 TONNES OF CRUDE THORIUM HYDROXIDE (Mass Activity = 720 Bq/g) (Lynas plant will produce only about 131 tons of Thorium per year.) These substances are “commercialized at present “by Rhodia Terres” and are still stored in the plant. SO IF WE ARE TO LOOK AT THE CONCENTRATION OF THORIUM-232 IN OUR OWN MONAZITE ORE OF 69,608 ppm AND THORIUM-232 IN “LOW RADIOACTIVITY WASTE” of 11,765 ppm and the ALMOST PURE THORIUM NITRATE and HYDROXIDE STORED at the LA ROCHELLE PLANT, WHY WORRY ABOUT THE 1,600… Read more »

5 Aug 2012 10.41pm
Reply to  looihw

Why worry?

We won’t worry if Looi boy here volunteers to store it in his backyard. But will he?

All talk only.

Looi boy, tell us, why are you working overtime to defend the Lynas plant?

3 Aug 2012 1.19pm

Oi Looi boy

You may have removed your ridiculous alphabet soup, but you still can’t hide your stupidity.

You are not very smart to assume I am female. How can we even trust your other assertions when your first assertion is false. (A “classical case” of an educated fool.)

Anyway, I don’t understand your dumb logic and spinning. No one wants the waste from the plant and no one wants your cooked whatever. You are the one claiming both are safe, so you eat them.

Try harder. You are not convincing anyone except the propaganda boys who regularly thumb up your comments/pro-Lynas propaganda and thumb down anything critical.

You still haven’t answered the question: why are you working overtime to promote this plant?

Now go and eat your “crabs”, Ah Wah.

3 Aug 2012 10.44am

Hi My Little Anti-Propaganga GIRL, Try not to be meddle with adults as you may end up with more than you expect !! Members of the anti-lynas crowd have been asking some very childish and ridiculous questions (repeatedly parroted more as a means of cyber harassment than for any form of intellectual benefit). Some of the best examples are: 1. If you think it is so safe why don’t you eat it? Answer: Since my cooked S… IS ALSO SAFE, would YOU like to eat it? This chain question probably started when one of the young, inexperienced politicians asked another to drink drain water and since then this question has been brainlessly parroted by some of his followers. 2. If you think it is so safe, why don’t you put it in your fridge or your backyard and swim in the waste water? Answer: Since my cooked S… IS ALSO SAFE, why don’t YOU put it in YOUR fridge or YOUR backyard and swim in my S…? 3. If you think there is no radioactivity why don’t you live next to the Lynas plant? Answer (Short… Read more »

2 Aug 2012 5.22pm

Quote: “Odysess Sin Ner >>………..I am interested to know how does 64,000 tons/annum of acidic thorium will behave in a swampy, wet and leaky condition. Please do not divert the topic and talk about politics that thorium is not soluble. This is truly a coward act and deceiving saying.” Unquote Answer: The figure of 64,000 tons per year of Thorium alleged to be produced by the Lynas plant is too ridiculous to be true. Let’s see… The Lynas ore from Mount Weld contains less than 1,600 ppm (parts per million of Thorium) so: 1,600 tons of Thorium = 1,000,000 tons of Ore. 64,000 tons of Thorium = 64,000 x 1 million divided by 1,600 = 40,000,000 tons of Ore !! WHERE ON EARTH IS LYNAS GOING TO FIND THE SHIPS TO CARRY 40,000,000 TONS OF ORE PER YEAR FROM AUSTRALIA TO KUANTAN !! IF A GIANT LORRY COULD CARRY 4 TONS, WE NEED 10,000,000 LORRY LOADS TO CARRY THE ORE FROM THE PORT TO THE PLANT ! THIS IS THE TYPE OF GROSS EXAGGERATION THAT IS VERY TYPICAL OF THE ANTI-LYNAS FOLK. Actually, Lynas is expected… Read more »

3 Aug 2012 8.20am
Reply to  looihw

Oi Looi boy!

It’s good you dropped that ridiculous alphabet soup after your name. You know it doesn’t impress anybody, especially when you regularly spew out pro-Lynas propaganda.

Tell me, why are you working overtime to promote/defend the Lynas plant so much? What’s your interest in this plant?

If you think it’s so safe, why don’t you volunteer to park the solid waste in your backyard and swim in the waste water.

We know you won’t do that. So get real, Ah Wah!

2 Aug 2012 5.06pm







ACTIVITY OF 3,585 Bq/g !



Dr Looi

2 Aug 2012 3.34pm

If you really want ABSOLUTELY NO POLLUTION, Close Down All Our Factories, Industrial Plants, Power Plants, Oil Rigs etc, and Become a 4th World Country and Send Our Daughters and Granddaughters To Myanmar and Kampuchea to Work as Domestic Servants! I have always maintained that the main problem is not radiation but the normal chemical toxic wastes from a normal chemical plant. I agree that there is also a fear that the waste will be dumped all over the place. Unfortunately, this risk also apply to all our factories and plants. Should we demand that all our factories and plants to be closed down so that we can go back to the good old days of tapping rubber and plucking oconuts? And why is it that we only target Lynas and not the rest of all our factories and industrial plants which produce far more toxic wastes especially our own oil palm mills and tin mining and smelting industries? Using the same logic we should ask all these plants to send all their wastes back to Germany, England, US etc. I bet with you nobody would… Read more »

29 Jul 2012 10.09pm

To “Anti-Propaganda” aka Super Propaganda Specialist


Dato’ Dr Looi Hoong Wah
DIMP, AMP, KMN, FAMM, MB., ChB(Manchester), MRCS(England), MRCP(UK) MRCP(London)

29 Jul 2012 10.52pm
Reply to  looihw

Hi Looi boy

Trying to show off again with that alphabet soup at the end of your name, eh? I told you it doesn’t impress anyone except your sorry self. Man, you really have an inferiority complex.

Why not try adding a longer list of qualifications such as STPM, SPM and SRP? That might impress even more people.

Anyway, it is ‘classic case’ NOT ‘classical case’, you educated fool. What’s the matter, they didn’t correct your English in college? Tsk, tsk, such is the standard of education these days. Imagine, showing off your ignorance in CAPITAL LETTERS for all to see.

Pot calling the kettle black? Well, I have news for you: I am not the one betraying the people of Kuantan. Think about that.

Now, go crawl back into your rare earth and enjoy your ‘crabs’, Looi boy.

28 Jul 2012 9.07pm

RIDICULOUS CLAIM: 1 QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE SUPPORTED THE GREENIES DURING BERSIH 3 ! . Quote: Lu Cheng Long “Everyone claims that their view represent the majority. So the majority really reject Lynas? I don’t know, but anti Lynas people sure make a lot noise. But we know well informed people support Lynas. ANOTHER THING IS DURING BERSIH 3, I SAW LOTS AND LOTS OF YELLOW, ONLY A HANDFUL OF PITIFUL GREEN. IT MUST BE A VERY HARD FEELING FOR ANTI LYNAS PEOPLE THINKING THAT THE NATION IS WITH THEM’ Unquote Helicopter pictures of the main section of the crowd with subsequent computer analysis of “Bersih 3” published in the Sin Chew Newspaper (yes, the Sin Chew Newspaper which is very sympathetic to the anti lynas people ) showed that the total number of people attending the demonstration in the main section was less than 5,000 people and not 250,000 people as claimed by some. And only a tiny miserable proportion of these people are the “GREENIES”. This type of gross exaggeration is very typical of the anti-lynas crowd. Now you know how a simple… Read more »

29 Jul 2012 7.13pm
Reply to  looihw

Good, I see you have dropped the ridiculous alphabet soup at the end of your name, Looi-boy. You are learning that it doesn’t impress people. Neither does the honorific before your name.

You still need to learn how to count, you educated fool. You can’t even estimate a crowd size. Nowhere close. I guess they didn’t teach you that in college. What rubbish ‘computer analysis’ are you talking about?

Anyway, why are you promoting this nasty plant?

Now, go crawl back into your raw earth.

26 Jul 2012 3.17pm

QUOTE ANTI-LYNAS FOOT SOLDIER: “DURING THE RECENT “INTERNATIONAL” DEMONSTRATION AGAINST LYNAS, A VOTE WAS TAKEN AND NEARLY ALL THE VOTERS ARE AGAINST LYNAS”. Misusing, Misrepresenting and Misinterpreting legitimate scientific methodology and statistical analysis in order to distort the truth and further enhance the misinformation they have engraved into the innocent minds of their naive and innocent brainwashed followers, is the classical hallmark of the Anti-Lynas people. They assume that all Malaysians have IQs that would make even a chimpanzee laugh ! If you are to hold a “DEMONcratic” vote among Anti-Lynas people who are fanatical enough to take the trouble to go to a DEMONstration in order to massage the ego of their egoistic master brainwasher, it will not take even the intelligence of a 1 year old child to know what the outcome would be. IT IS TANTAMOUNT TO TAKING A VOTE AT AN INTERNATIONAL PURE VEGETARIAN CONVENTION TO ASSESS HOW MANY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD ARE AGAINST EATING MEAT. And…… out comes… the answer :…”99.9999% OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE AGAINST EATING MEAT ! (not 100% only because a couple of people… Read more »

26 Jul 2012 6.42pm
Reply to  looihw

Ah, now they bring in the ‘experts’!

Think you can impress us with all your honorifics and the alphabet soup at the end of your name? (Do you have an inferiority complex or something?)

No, we are not impressed. There is such a thing as an educated fool.

Crab? You must be a sea-food fan. Too bad even with an alphabet soup, you don’t even know how to spell ‘CRAP’!

Where is the Lynas long-term waste management plan? We can’t heeeeaaaaar you? Where is the waste going to be dumped? Since it is so safe, why not volunteer to stuff it in your backyard?

Here’s something for you to think about, Lynas fan boy.


If you don’t trust the above poll, why don’t you conduct a scientific poll among the residents of Kuantan? Surely a man with an alphabet soup at the end of his name is capable of doing that.

If you don’t dare do that, go crawl back into your rare earth. And enjoy your crabs while you can.

26 Jul 2012 1.01pm

With no evidence Fuziah turned this into a national issue. The Chinese own 97% of the worlds rare earths processing and want to own the rest. Fuziah is (allegedly) a Chinese tool.

Malaysia needs high tech jobs and industries, and Fuziah is (allegedly) owned by China. Maybe someone should check her bank accounts.

When her allies are being forced to retract their statements she has no factual basis for her campaign. 99.9% support by Australian hippies and a small number of Malaysian people being told lies means nothing except the same politics China uses.

26 Jul 2012 6.15pm
Reply to  skeptic

Hi pro-Lynas propaganda boy,
Got any evidence to support your baseless accusations?

Are you even in Malaysia in the first place?

Go crawl back into your rare earth.

25 Jul 2012 12.56pm

Sigh, not another pro-Lynas propagandist from Australia.

This time pretending to be Asian, are we? Come on, is ‘Jackie Chan’ the only Asian-sounding name you can think of?

Think you can fool us with your pro-Lynas propaganda? We are not that stupid you know.

Go crawl back into your rare earth.

jackie Chan
jackie Chan
25 Jul 2012 6.05am

Enough of the lies, propaganda and fear campaigns.
Enough of milking the suffering of the ARE.
This was a different factory in a different tine with different sets of standards for safety, monitoring and local awareness of the issues.

Want to be an expert, go and google the Chinese LAMPS and Rare Earth factories and tell me they are built and monitored to the same standard as this modern one.

25 Jul 2012 12.53am

Stuck in a 1982 Bukit Merah time warp are u?
Sucked in everything Fuziah said as truth did ya? Think Che Rosli – a qualified nuclear physicist doesn’t know as much as you when he said Lynas was safe?. Yeah I know PAS hit him over the head ’till he recanted smartypants. Downplaying (or worse, unaware) of the HUGE economic impetus to create associated high tech industries that would locate to Malaysia so as to keep their Intellectual property out of China? Got a problem with slowing your brain-drain or what? Man your view is akin to looking thru a VERY TINY keyhole into the future. You don’t see much eh? Love to yap but gotta sleep now – CYA Must come back – your’re hilarious – sure your not Peter Boyle?

25 Jul 2012 1.42am
Reply to  sikkadaBS

No, I am not Peter.

I notice you haven’t denied it: Are you another one of those few pro-Lynas propagandists in Australia trying to tell us what’s good for us here in Malaysia?

Well here’s a message for you, mate: We don’t buy your baloney. And we don’t want your WASTE. You can keep your “huge economic impetus” in Australia, thank you very much. There’s more to life than greed and profits and money.

Easy for you to talk about “tiny keyholes” when you dump your waste in other countries. Stuff it in your backyard, mate.

24 Jul 2012 11.57pm

Haha, ‘eco-responsible’ – now, that’s a good one. Pardon me while my toes laugh.

Man, this place is crawling with pro-Lynas propagandists.

I am guessing most of them are from AUSTRALIA – anxious to have the rare earth plant built in MALAYSIA so that the corporate boys and their buddies can makes tons of money – at our expense (tax free, ya know). They are not worried cos they live thousands of miles away.

But they are so, so worried about public opinion here and they want to try and influence it by placing comments at the end of any critical pieces they see on the Internet or even ‘thumbing down’ other critical comments.

Well, sorry to say, your propaganda/public relations strategy can only go so far. The Malaysian people are now aware.

24 Jul 2012 11.32pm

Written by Peter Boyle!!!! – oh now i see why this article is so Fictional, Unbelievable and totally Ridiculous BS Propaganda. Hilarious overstatement. How’s your Commo-marxist ‘Resistance’ website goin’ Pete….hyperactive fool that you are! Gee you get around, hows yer carbon footprint and your excessive use of Rare Earths – while you slander an eco-responsible company like Lynas. Hypocrite!!

24 Jul 2012 9.30pm

Hah! Another pro-Lynas propaganda boy!

Unlikely figure? Were you around to count?

Going by your logic, pray tell how many thousand people have turned out to express support FOR the Lynas plant in Kuantan or anywhere else? Well? I can’t heeeaaar you…

Unfortunately, your illusion of a show of online support for Lynas does not translate into any meaningful visible show of support for Lynas on the ground in Kuantan where it counts. Too bad. Your propaganda campaign is not working. People have wised up.

Now go crawl back into the rare earth.

24 Jul 2012 9.10pm

If we take the (unlikely) figure of 20,000 people, reported in the body of the text, who are meant to have demonstrated and “there are approximately 700,000 people living within 30km from the Lynas refinery” we get a percentage of 2.8% of the local population who turned out.

24 Jul 2012 7.40pm

Aiyoooo, that propaganda man sound so much like YB Fuziah doing her research again. Go find some real concerns sister …

24 Jul 2012 7.53pm
Reply to  Abdu

Oh, the pro-Lynas ‘reinforcements’ are out. ‘Abdu’, indeed.

Bob Brown
Bob Brown
24 Jul 2012 2.12pm

The plant is so unsafe that the IAEA on page 15 of their report dated 29 May-3 June 2011 state, “…provided that the RPP is implemented in accordance with regulatory requirements, workers and members of the public will be adequately protected, such that there will be no discernable radiological health effects attributable to the operation of the facility.”

How it is that you ignore the IAEA only goes to confirm your bias and ignorance. Also, your pathetic bent on the whole matter only goes to show how ignorant you are. Bravo!

It is good to see typical left wing nonsense is not limited to true socialist countries but also extends to Malaysia.

24 Jul 2012 2.48pm
Reply to  Bob Brown

Ah, the little band of greedy pro-Lynas boys are busy again: always trying to counter critical articles on the Internet (typical public relations strategy, by the way).

So gungho about their “state-of-the-art” oh-so-safe plant, but they won’t build it in Australia, will they.

Go build it in Australia, man! We don’t want it here.

Bob Brown
Bob Brown
24 Jul 2012 5.18pm

Anti-propanga, If the Australian government had the foresight of giving Lynas a tax break they would have! The current Malaysian government wants the country to get ahead it seems unlike the Australian government. Lets examine your post then clever boy. I note you don’t respond by criticising the IAEA and the quote I included to assist you. Also, you rely on a classic form of deceit (typically used by your side of politics) by inferring the reason the plant was not built in Australia is because of your trumped up safety argument. What arrant nonsense! “The truth shall set you free” Anti-propaganda. I don’t need to run a campaign like you do. You are the one running the campaign, not me. You are running the disinformation war, not me. You are running the self interested attacks, not me. You are the one who is not accepting the IAEA, not me. You are the one using the false reasoning, not me. The sooner you stop relying on typical left wing tactics the better of you will be. All I can do is bring attention to the truth,… Read more »

24 Jul 2012 7.24pm
Reply to  Bob Brown

Learn your spelling: It’s propaganda not propanga.

Okay, Lynas fan boy, you are so concerned about Malaysia’s economic well-being?

So you are saying the Australian government is STUPID for not offering Lynas a 12-year tax break? And Malaysia is oh-so far-sighted. Give me a break.

Come on, we are not stupid. You and the little band of public relations boys can cheer-lead for Lynas until the cows come home but Malaysians are now more aware. Gone are the days when you can fool people in ‘third world’ countries.

By the way, not everyone has the same blind faith in the IAEA as you.


And stop using bible quotes like “The truth will set you free” to justify unmitigated greed. It is sacrilegious, ya know.

Good luck with your public relations campaign. I know you will feel compelled to respond, because you have assigned yourself the task of neutralising any critical Lynas article or comment you spot. But no amount of public relations spin/damage control is going to help.

Ciao for now, Lynas cheer-leader!

Bob Brown
Bob Brown
24 Jul 2012 10.44pm

Dear Anti-propaganda, Thankyou for the spelling correction. I must be sure to be more accurate unlike your good self. When will you stop being intellectually dishonest? Have you no shame? Kindly identify where I express my concern at Malaysia’s economic well being? All you do is posit a false proposition and go off and answer what you like rather than addressing my post. It is typical of you and your avoidance in confronting the truth. Further, your typical dismissive approach and false stating of my point is likewise typical of you. If you are dismissive of the Malaysian government’s reason for permitting the plant as being farsighted, why then did they allow it? Why is it that if ‘you’ are not so stupid and ‘you’ can’t be fooled, why did ‘your’ government permit it? I can’t wait for the wild assertions in response, no doubt they will cause me to laugh out aloud. As for your IAEA snipe, I treat that with ignore. I can offer two simple reasons, firstly, even if you are right to distrust them, why do you have to distrust them with… Read more »

24 Jul 2012 11.18pm

Tsk, tsk, it should be “you are upset” not “your upset” in your second last sentence. Try harder.

You want to help us? Well, spare us the verbose patronising propaganda/garbage (intellectual enlightenment, in your mind) and set up the plant in Australia instead. Simple.

Your supposed ‘intellectual honesty’ is just a cover for promoting greed and profits at the expense of ‘third world’ people (Tax-free profits for Lynas, remember?). Look at your own self in the mirror. You probably see sunshine and intellectual honesty and intelligence. How deceptive looks can be.

We don’t want LAMP. We don’t want the Lynas waste. Why don’t you pro-Lynas propagandists volunteer to have it dumped in your backyard?

Ask the Australian government to take back the waste. See what they tell you.

And you’d better pray hard that the ruling coalition in Malaysia doesn’t lose the coming general election.

18 Nov 2012 6.10pm
Reply to  Bob Brown

The plant is so unsafe that the IAEA on page 15 of their report dated 29 May-3 June 2011 state, “…provided that the RPP is implemented in accordance with regulatory requirements, workers and members of the public will be adequately protected, such that there will be no discernable radiological health effects attributable to the operation of the facility.” Such conditional safety pronouncement is not very reassuring. Malaysia has a long history of negligence and defect coverup. One of the engineers who worked in the plant had this to say …. (http://m.motherjones.com/environment/2012/02/rare-earths-lynas-malaysia) “his team noticed that the moisture content in the concrete of 22 tanks—which would hold acids, rare-earth elements, and the radioactive waste—was too high for the lining to be applied. When the engineers notified Lynas of the problem, it dispatched a team to deal with the issue, which proceeded to set about drying the concrete with fans and blowtorches. “After a few weeks of this, we noticed that the moisture would reduce, then go back up again,” the engineer said. So his team conducted an inspection and found that there were no moisture barriers under… Read more »

Roslan Kasmunier
Roslan Kasmunier
24 Jul 2012 12.59pm

Aliran Menipu Lagi….mana ada lah….Aliran dibayar China

najib manaukau
24 Jul 2012 8.06am

This is a real headache for Najib and is surely will be a big blow to his dream of being reelected, he actually was not being elected for the first time as P.M.. It was given to him as P.M. by AB so he is never elected as P.M. in the first place,. What a system for boleh land ? He also has to deal with all the Bersih protesters, the submarine scandal and many others. Now you know why he is hanging on as P.M. for as long as the law allows him to stay as P.M.. One sure way for him to get elected on his own as P.M. is to have .. the shenanigan Mahathir indicted for the abuses of power as P.M. plus all the countless corruptions (under his administration), … favours for his cronies, he created with the implementation of all the white elephants in the name of developments. To date no one has the guts to do so but if Najib is willing to do so he will win the 2/3 majority hands down. It will be an occasion for… Read more »

24 Jul 2012 5.59am

This is completely unbelievable. The protests have been getting at most 1,000 people and now suddenly 200,000?

Once again, Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia is being found to lie about their true intentions which have nothing to do with the safety of the plant.

Lynas has consistently made every effort to meet changing regulations and the Gebeng plant is the safest in the world. I guess they want to get sued again for spreading their lies.

24 Jul 2012 12.32pm
Reply to  skeptic

Where does it say 200,000? It’s 20,000, you idiot.

More propaganda from the pro-Lynas boys. They are keeping a sharp lookout on the Internet, and so they are always the first to comment and try and do damage control in response to any negative news on the Internet about the plant.

Typical corporate bullying tactics, trying to intimidate activists with lawsuits.

Why don’t you accept the fact that you are not wanted in Malaysia and go build your plant in Australia!

25 Jul 2012 7.31am

It says 200,000 in the first sentence of the article – YOU IDIOT.

And it is false.

And notably – it hasn’t been corrected.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story…

25 Jul 2012 12.45pm
Reply to  skeptic2

Thank you for pointing out the typo in the introductory line before the report. It has now been corrected. (The figure in the report itself ie 20000 is correct, so no change there.)

30 Jul 2012 11.24pm
Reply to  skeptic

I see you pro-Lynas propaganda boys are busy thumbing down any comment critical of LAMP.

Who are you kidding? You aren’t convincing anyone with your all-out attempt to influence public opinion by planting your own comments against articles critical of LAMP or thumbing down critical comments.

Try harder, boys! I expect this latest comment of mine to get at least 50 ‘thumbs down’ from you boys. Anything less than 50 ‘thumbs down’ and I will be most disappointed with your poor work-rate.

Get cracking now, propaganda boys!

3 Aug 2012 1.16pm

Only 28 thumbs down for my above comment at 1.15 p.m. on 3 August? Come on propaganda boys, your KPI is 50 thumbs down. Surely, you can do better than that!

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