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The economics of legal plunder

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What has Najib done? His ETP components, entry point projects, PDPs, etc, are all bridge-to-nowhere projects that allowed the few to plunder the many and everybody to plunder everyone else. writes Sakmongkol AK47.

Najib: Empty talk about ‘transformation’

Is Mahathirism dead? Not by a long shot. It’s not up to Dr Mahathir Mohamad to say whether Mahathirism has ended or otherwise. It’s not a simple case of unsaying it.

The cancer has spread to stage four. It is the SOP that has been institutionalised and the successors are following them.

I like the way Tony Pua graphically puts it. When you wake up and eat the nasi lemak, you are making Syed Mokhtar richer because he controls the import and distribution of rice.

This is the kind of monopoly, if ever it’s going to be treated as such, that must be in the hands of the government. Otherwise, free the market by allowing traders to import rice.

You drink your coffee with sugar coming out from Syed Mokhtar’s monopoly on sugar. He controls 20 per cent of MSM and 80 per cent of CSR. We will have to tell the imbecilic Barisan Nasional leaders not to suggest the lowering of sugar price by way of lowering personal consumption. Tell them the way to control the price of sugar is to eliminate monopoly in sugar trade.

You ride the Modenas scooter? It’s built by him with the licence given by the government. I have always believed that if you licensed the Chinese in Sungai Besi, they would have built better motorcycles and cars and sold them to us for less money.

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You drive through the Smart tunnel — it’s built by MMC-Gamuda, again owned by Syed Mokhtar. MMC is owned by Syed Mokhtar.

You want to cook using gas from Gas Malaysia? Syed Mokhtar.

You use the electric cooker – the electricity is supplied by Malakoff, owned by Syed Mokhtar and, previously, owned by Dr Mahathir’s son.

You upgrade from motorcycle to a Proton car — it’s owned by Syed Mokhtar. Honda? Syed Mokhtar’s.

Umno is Syed-Mokhtaring Malaysia! You want to embark from the Port of Tanjung Pelepas to go to Indonesia? It’s owned by Syed Mokhtar.

Treated water in Johor — owned by Syed Mokhtar.

You want to fly off from Senai Airport? Well, Syed Mokhtar bought the airport for RM580m and paid RM1.2bn for the surrounding land.

Syed Mokhtar owns MMC and also owns a part of Senai Airport. He was buying Senai from himself and who’s going to tell that maybe he overpaid himself?

The RM1.7bn purchase was mired in controversy over the pricing of the deal.

The list goes on and on. No, it is not a case that a Malay can’t have all this.

If Umno can only come up with Syed Mokhtar to showcase its Bumiputera success story, then its policies on Malay economics have failed.

On the other hand, it also proves that if Syed Mokhtar can do it, so can any average Mamat provided you give the same help and assistance.

What is the essence of economic Mahathirism? It is the deliberate use of government power to pick and choose winners in an economic race.

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Through the power of government, you give licences, exclusive awards, monopolies.

You use the government to impose regulations that confer advantages to one group over all others. This is why Umno wants to retain power at all cost. Without the power of government, Umno is nothing.

Dr Mahathir didn’t believe in the New Economic Policy (NEP), and the Malays better believe that.

The NEP would have called for the organic growth of the Malay economy instead of what Dr Mahathir started in 1981. That way, Malay businessmen and economic agents would have travelled the learning curve, acquired the values and skills needed as economic agents.

Since 1981, because Dr Mahathir thinks the Malay economy would suffer slow growth, he eschewed the NEP and replaced it with a policy of creating a select group of Malay elite businessmen.

The government is the policy maker. The Malay economy was to be driven by a select few. It was the beginning of central command economics.

That select few, he took from a limited pool of acquaintances and crony circle. The result: The emergence of Joseph Mengele’s the Boys from Brazil — blond-haired and blue-eyed genetically manufactured businessmen elevated as the catalysts of the Malay economy.

Now you see why Umno must defend its hold on government at all costs? Umno is using the government to plunder the economy.

That same kind of thinking — imposing government onto economic development is continued under Najib Razak.

What have we done actually? What we have done is to allow the government under Najib to come into our homes, take money and valuables belonging to us while claiming all the wonderful things he’s going to do with our property.

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He takes our economic rights to be given to a select group of cronies, just as Dr Mahathir has done. Frederic Bastiat, the French economist, would easily call it legal plunder.

What has Najib done? His ETP components, entry point projects, PDPs, etc, are all bridge-to-nowhere projects that allowed: 1) the few to plunder the many and, 2) everybody to plunder everyone else.

Number 2 above means everyone seeks to use government to enrich himself at his neighbour’s expense.

Najib’s government is, therefore, a fiction through which everyone endeavours to live at the expense of everyone else.

Remember when he said taxi drivers who drive using someone else’s permit operate under an arrangement tantamount to modern slavery.

Jangan cakap sahaja lah. Come out with the list of the slave owners.

If taxi drivers are modern day slaves, there must be modern slave owners right?

That’s why he says direct permits will start in two years’ time, allowing his buddies who own the permits to make adjustments. —

Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. He was Pulau Manis assemblyman (2004-2008).

Source: sakmongkol.blogspot.com and themalaysianinsider.com

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22 Jul 2012 1.56pm

Loved the Joseph Mengele comparison!

najib manaukau
21 Jul 2012 7.46am

It all started by … the shenanigan Mahathir when he gave the rights to his son, his proxies and his cronies …. All these in the name of helping the Malays under the NEP, when NEP main objective is to help the poor Malays. NEP is not there to help the already very rich Umno made Malays … or his family to become billionaires. Now you should know why so many, million of knowledgeable and well educated Malays are protesting almost daily on the streets of Malaysia.

… You don’t need legislations to make you a Malay, you are either born a Malay or not !

… What is the shenanigan up to if he remains alive for sometimes ? Please remember only the goods die young and all the ill gotten fortunes cannot go with the dead. Remember this shenanigan Mahathir, from dust thou come and to dust thou shall return.

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