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When an imam goes to church …

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See what happens when an imam from a mosque in Tahrir Square visited a neighbouring church to join in the Christmas celebrations.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if had the same spirit of sister/brotherhood in our country?

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Stephen Chu
Stephen Chu
25 Feb 2013 1.19am

Beautiful…Seeing the video touches me a lot. The Arabs have been through a lot of sufferings perhaps to tge brink of questioning where is God when they cry in front of their dead brothers and sisters who have become victims of the ravages of civil war. But perhaps it is at this point where one reaches the threshold of questioning Him that He shows Himself the clearest … in hearts that have surrendered themselves to the same God that allowed the unfolding of history only to instills in them the hope of a new future .. and no matter how far long …but surely it starts from here.

Stephen Chu
Stephen Chu
25 Feb 2013 1.05am

najib manaukau …
No my friend. You don’t have to go that far…It has been and is still happening in Indonesia too. Trying visiting the Archdiocese of Malang and talk to Archbishop Herman Pondoyoputro. He’ll tell you that every Christmas, the Imam who teaches at the Islamic University there, never fails to come upon his invitation. Reciprocally, he never failed to attend either their majlis buka puasa or other important Islamic celebrations. Thanks to the maturity of their faith as they show to the world a good sign of being genuine Indonesians. Our Malays brothers should learn from this in as much as our Christian brothers should treat them as sons of Abraham too. After all, we are first of all human beings who are trying to make this world as civilized as we can.

9 Feb 2013 7.17pm

It happens in Malaysia, except it is not highlighted in the MSM. It does not have to be in a big scale like in the video, we can have dialog during our teh tarik amongst friends and neighbours from multiple faiths. The first step start with us.

9 Feb 2013 11.42am

Deep personal spiritually and conviction is to be shown in kind deeds, comforting words & quiet demeanor …..

najib manaukau
9 Feb 2013 8.10am

That only happened in the Middle East and if you recall even Arafaat went to church to show to the world what true muslims are. This will never happen in Malaysia, muslims of different kind…

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