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Start looking at alternative political parties

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Perhaps it is time for us to seek alternative political parties who can serve us better instead of indulging in daily politicking, says W H Cheng.

Malaysia today is in the mess. The entire nation is in a total mess.

Barisan Nasional (BN) is making a mess in our nation. The BN chairman is still in denial mode. He is playing hide-and-seek with the people. The BN chairman is burying his head in the sand over the 1MDB scandal, which has  caused billions of ringgit in losses.

The BN chairman is also hiding in the sand over the “donation” of RM2.6bn purportedly from an Arab businessman or corporation into his personal account. Scandal after scandal. Billions and billions of ringgit of public funds – just going missing, again and again.

To shift public attention from the billion dollar scandals, a ‘drama’ in red was staged in our nation’s capital on Malaysia Day, claiming that a certain ethnic group was under threat.

Then an MCA division came up with a resolution to sever ties with their master, and in the end they got a big bang. MCA is now as flat as a pancake.

Gerakan is nothing more than Gelakan now as this party’s leaders are used to making our people laugh at them. They seem to be unaware of who is wrong and who is right. They seem to be unaware of the scandals in 1MDB as well as in the other sectors of government.

To them, everything seems to be OK. Gerakan, keep on Gelakan and be happy! But we will only enjoy laughing at you, and nobody will vote you back to power then.

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The MIC is politically dead; the PPP is politically dead. Sarawak BN parties are still fighting among themselves. Sabah BN parties are uncertain and at a loss as to which is the right direction.

Pakatan is no better in governance and politics too. Pakatan Rakyat is dead now following Pas’ departure from the coalition’s Common Policy Framework. Pas has decided to go on with their hudud goal alone.

With PKR-DAP-Amanah, Pakatan Harapan (PH) was born recently to replace the post-2008 Pakatan Rakyat, which ended with Pas’ going its own way.

What now? Time to go back to work? Perhaps it is little too late. Both sides of the political divide have wasted a precious three years since the 2013 general elections by continuing their politicking with one another over small matters – their infighting, factional fighting, scandals, racism, extremism, disunity and the hudud controversy.

Politicking and infighting are expected to resume over differences of ideology and belief. The people are forgotten.

There is also no end to threats over our nation’s political direction. Certain quarters in Umno are seen to have nothing else but hatred. They seem to hate those who we did not vote for them in the last two general elections.

Umno has failed to fix the economy; it has failed to overcome inflation; it has failed to overcome the rising crime rate in our nation; it has failed to stop the ringgit from plunging to the bottom of the sea; and finally, it has failed to stop the recession.

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The nation’s security forces are used to arrest dissidents, critics and those who oppose the hate policies, those who dislike the racist and extremist policies, those who want to know the facts behind the scandals and the billions ringgit losses.

Because of Umno, the MCA, the MIC, Gerakan, and the PPP are almost politically dead by now; they have become irrelevant since 2008.

The PKR and the DAP – where is your shadowing business in the government and parliament? We don’t see any effective moves in your team in terms of shadowing the government ministries at all. So far, the only opposition figure in the limelight is your shadow finance minister, Tony Pua, who keeps on highlighting the various wrongs in the government financial sectors. What about the rest?

So, perhaps it is time for us to seek alternative political parties who can serve us better instead of politicking daily over their positions, their party politics and their factional infighting. In the next general election, hopefully our people can understand the real political situation today and opt for the third alternative.

We need a “kingmaker” in between to ensure things are moving in the right direction. We need a “kingmaker” to provide some checks and balances to these two large opposing coalitions so that they move on the right track.

Source: g-socialaffairs.blogspot.my

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