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Think, Malaysians, think!

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Come on Malaysians, think for once and do the right thing, urges Thomas Fann.

Think Malaysians, think! Why would the data Justo stole be worth millions and various parties, including PetroSaudi, were willing to pay him if they were not detrimental to some VVIP?

Think! If the data were tampered with, just show the evidence, refute and sue The Edge, Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal. That would have totally discredit all these publications. Why use someone like Lester Melanyi, a man of ill-repute, to try and discredit SR? And why does the MCMC need to block the Sarawak Report’s website? Why suspend The Edge for three months?

Think! The allegations that RM2.6bn ended up in Najib’s personal account and that RM2m cash was deposited into Rosmah’s account were NOT denied. For whatever purpose it was used, is it not wrong and illegal?

Think! The amount uncovered so far, RM2.6 billion is just what was uncovered and just 1MDB. What about the remaining amount of the RM42bn minus cost (not value) of assets bought and the uncovered amount? Was it not Mahathir that estimated something like RM27bn unaccounted for? Where is the balance? Are there other 1MDBs, smaller schemes to plunder our wealth?

Think! Whose money is it if not the Rakyat’s money? 1MDB borrowed the RM42bn, guaranteed by the Malaysian government. Who is paying the interest RM2.7bn annual interest if not the Rakyat?

Think! Why do you think our government needs GST in order not to go bankrupt? A nation blessed with oil, natural resources and industrious people – bankrupt after 52 years of nationhood? We must have the most incompetent government in the world! And guess who put them there?

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Think! Why has our Ringgit fallen like it has? Do you think international investors and traders are fools? They can’t tell who is telling the truth and who is trying to cover up?

Come on Malaysians, think for once and do the right thing. Spread the truth, don’t be afraid. There are more of us who are fed up with this government than those who, for reasons best known to themselves, still believe that this is the most efficient and clean government in the world. Think.

To resist is to win!

Source: thomasfann.wordpress.com

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