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Time for government to change itself – or we will change the government!

File photograph: The Malaysian Insider

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If this BN government cannot manage our nation and do what it is supposed to do, then it is our people’s right to change the government at the next election, says WH Cheng.

Photograph: The Malaysian Insider
Photograph: The Malaysian Insider

The people had spoken up in the recently concluded Merdeka Day cum Bersih 4 rally. The people had shown the government that they are overall dissatisfied and unhappy with the nation’s state of affairs today.

The people had spoken of their unhappiness over the change in their livelihoods, their shrinking income, the increasing inflation, the GST which caused a nightmare, the declining ringgit, corruption, abuse of power, mismanagement and the main factor, a leader of the current government who had received RM2.6bn.

The participants of the Bersih 4 rally saw a total of about 300,000 people from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, skin colour or status and regardless of any political or ideological beliefs, came together as one – all came as Malaysians to voice their discontent over the inefficient government of the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Leaders and ministers in the BN government can no more hide their heads under the sand anymore, and they must come out to listen to the people. It is time for the ruling BN coalition and the government to change itself by replacing its leaders who are irresponsible, irrational, incompetent, corrupt and abusive.

Even some leaders and component parties within the BN coalition have quietly shown some discontent over the weakening situation of the government and our nation. But until today, they have not dare to speak up openly for fear of having their resources cut off and losing everything they had enjoyed for decades.

The BN coalition government can no more sit back and deny that nothing has happened, that nothing is wrong with our nation. They cannot claim their leaders are “clean” enough to remain in power as before.

If the BN leaders insist on seeking revenge on all those organisers and initiators of the Bersih 4 rally, they will be perceived as powerfully abusive, revengeful, undemocratic, dictators. It will be seen as an attempt to undermine our parliamentary democracy. In this, BN leaders will still hide themselves, using their powerful tools to avenge and to threaten the people and to continue in their denial mode.

If the BN leaders insist on going head on against our people, the democratic and the parliamentary institutions and the entire nation by enacting more repressive laws and orders to suppress human rights, putting our voices, dissent, criticism, commentaries and the internet behind ‘prison walls’, then these BN leaders are moving our nation backwards into chaos and a no man’s land.

If this is the case, BN leaders are clearly signalling their expiry by refusing ideas, comments, openness, acknowledgement, change, reforms; they are afraid of moving forward. Then, this BN government is unable to change and move with the times as its leaders are no more relevant to today’s modern and sophisticated world.

If the leaders of this BN government cannot move away from stone-age politics and governance and step right into the reality of today, it is time for our people to stake our claim to our beloved nation; it is time for our people to reclaim what is supposed to be ours, that is our nation, our rights, our future, for the next generation.

We must stop the BN from taking away what has been built and constructed for the past 58 years. We must stop the BN from eroding the wealth of our nation. We must stop the BN from depleting our nation’s coffers continually, doing more damage to our nation’s economy and finally destroying our people’s livelihoods.

The people of Malaysia must speak up to remind the BN that Malaysia does not belongs solely to them, their families or their associates. BN leaders must be reminded that this nation is not their so-called “sendirian berhad” where they can abuse or mismanage public funds whenever they wish.

BN leaders must also be reminded that they have no right to sell our nation to any individual or corporation in exchange for a RM2.6bn or more.

Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians. If this BN government cannot manage our nation and do what it is supposed to do, then it is our people’s right to change the government (at the next election).

And if the BN government is trying to undermine the entire democratic and parliamentary institutions to prolong its reign of power, then it is our people’s right to come out in full force to demand that BN leaders stop their destructive actions.

We will certainly change the government at the next general election if the BN government refuses to change itself!

“Sehati, sejiwa menggesa agar Najib dan seluruh kabinet letak jawatan.”

Source: inter-researchstudies.blogspot.com

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