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Firefly must remove insensitive ads and apologise

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It is mind-boggling how Firefly Airlines thought that releasing a series of advertisements singling out a woman’s body part as a promotional method would be acceptable, says Syerleena Abdul Rashid.

For a company as respected as Firefly, using women’s posteriors as a way to attract attention was a huge mistake.

The series of offensive advertisements sanctioned by the company have single handedly destroyed women’s rights advocacy by ‘dismembering’ us in an atrocious manner, solidifying the idea that women are just the sum of our bodies.

It is mind-boggling how Firefly Airlines thought that releasing a series of advertisements singling out a woman’s body part as a promotional method would be completely acceptable. Well, it is not.

For decades, women have had to face numerous hurdles to overcome discriminatory practices that are both evil and insensitive; especially when it comes to marketing or selling an idea or a product. Our love-hate relationship with media exist because of how the advertising world – often dominated by men – think that modern day society will be OK with how the media sexually objectifies women.

What makes objectifying hideous is how it strips away another human being from its natural and emotional component; resulting in a degradation that turns women into sub-humans who exist merely for sexual gratification.

Women have been fighting tooth and nail to ensure social justice; women’s rights in this country are given priority and are recognised as legitimate struggles. There are global movements that try very hard to break gender stereotypes and address the horrors of sexual objectification because we are aware of how this has led to a barrage of other issues such as appearance anxiety, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders and other unnecessary issues created by patriarchy.

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Our bodies do not exist to sell products neither do we exist only to be used as props. Therefore, to preserve the spirit of gender equality, gender sensitivity and social inclusion, Firefly Airlines must remove those highly inappropriate ads and apologise immediately for being insensitive to women all over.

Source: freemalaysiatoday.net

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