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Be prepared for worst-case scenario in Penang and GE14

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Guan Eng must set into motion a succession plan for the chief minister’s position in Penang while Pakatan must be prepared to deal with the new political landscape, says Turtle Shell.

Is it a surprise that Lim Guan Eng was charged with corruption? Not at all. I believe most of us who have been following political developments in our country knew it was inevitable once Bungalow-gate burst.

How a politician of his stature and standing as chief minister of Penang could find himself in such a controversial position is beyond my understanding.

I believe DAP’s strategists have already mapped out the worst-case scenario. It is hardly rocket science. That the attorney general has taken it upon himself to lead the prosecution means Lim should be prepared for the worst.

By and large, some neutral analysts have agreed with the position taken by the party’s central executive committee that Lim need not resign or take leave as chief minister of Penang.

So, I believe it is imperative that Lim set into motion a succession plan for the chief minister’s position. We must not allow Penang to follow the route of Selangor, where Azmin is trying his level best to cosy up to Pas even as Pas is consorting openly with Umno.

Lim’s successor must improve on what he has started. Sad to say, somewhere along Lim’s second term term in office, his administration was perceived by some quarters to be sidelining the CAT slogan that was much touted during the first term.

This must be put right. Lim must make sure his successor is beyond reproach; let there be no skeletons in the successor’s closet that the Umnoputras can use.

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The controversies over land reclamation, Botak Hill and the tunnel link did not help. The transparency seemed to be somewhat lacking in these cases so much so civil society elements in Penang expressed concern over projects being bulldozed through.

Please do not take the rakyat of Penang for granted. We have shown Gerakan and the MCA the exit – lock, stock and barrel – for their sins of omission and commission. If we want another Big Brother government, we might as well vote the Umnoputras with their promises of more development projects – and ability to provide funds, as they control the federal purse.

Perhaps, being a Penangite, I have tunnel vision; hence, my concerns seem centred around Penang. It is also because I feel Penang can withstand the onslaught of the Umnoputras best. Selangor looks to be a goner, and I won’t be surprised if Azmin adopts some of the Umno ways.

We are kidding ourselves if we think we have a chance to unseat the Umnoputras from Putrajaya. The sooner those in the DAP and Amanah come around to this thinking, the better.

Forget PKR with Azmin calling the shots: he could once again put a spanner into opposition cohesiveness. There are good leaders in the PKR, but Azmin appears unchecked.

Lim’s successor must be able to work with Amanah – and yes, PSM – to formulate a strategy to deny the Umnoputras a two-thirds majority in Parliament. I concede I am a pessimist, but just look at the way the Pakatan parties were routed in the Sarawak state elections. It is a harbinger of things to come in GE14.

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Koon Yew Yin, that noble philanthropist, has advised the Pakatan folks to lie low and not show too much of their hand to the Umnoputras. Sadly, I think the opposition is now like an open deck. I really can’t see the oppostion folks coming up with any strategy to rock the Umnoputras’ ship.

The Sarawak state elections and the by-elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar have shown that by and large, Najib can crow at the top of his voice, what corruption?

Unfortunately, many among the rakyat appear to have accepted the contention that there’s no corruption in the 1MDB scandals and Najib simply has a very rich benefactor (or benefactors – they have not yet decided) donating billions into his personal account to use as he pleases.

Turtle Shell is the pseudonym of a regular Aliran reader.

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