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The Unexplained Money Not Objectionable (Umno) assembly

Cartoon by Zunar/Malaysiakini

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Thinking Umno members must be weeping in shame and frustration over what has transpired, writes Wandering Malaysian.

The Umno assembly ended with a whimper.

The party president and his coterie succeeded in drowning out any honest question or substantive debate with empty rhetoric. No issue was too difficult to avoid or obfuscate.

Could the president explain the unaccounted for donations in his personal account?
We need a united Umno to protect Malays from the DAP and the Jews.

Can the leadership explain Malaysia’s position on climate change and the Paris conference?

What is Umno’s position on Islamic extremism and the international backlash against violence committed in the name of Islam?
Malaysia is a moderate Muslim nation and I can quote extensively from the Koran.

What about the weak ringgit and the struggling economy?
Trust me.

What about 1Malaysia?
Umno will form a perfect Malaysia with Pas.

What do think of Dr Mahathir’s criticism of the leadership?

What about Muhyiddin?
I will shake his hand.

Do you think Malaysian firms are going to be affected by the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)?
Do not worry.

Thinking Umno members must be weeping in shame and frustration. Umno is perceived to have become a tool for a few to enrich themselves and bamboozle the rest with despicable ethnic and religious bigotry.

Naked power play and the manipulation of the institutions of state for political survival appears to be now firmly in Umno’s DNA and is being openly displayed by the current scandal-ridden president.

Reform from within is near impossible given the extent to which corruption is entrenched and power manipulated within all levels of Umno.

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The thinking Umno members need to stop weeping and figure out how to get rid of the most incompetent and corrupt leadership that Umno has ever had in its history.

That is, if there are any still left standing… thinking Umno members, I mean.

Source: wanderingmalaysian.blogspot.my

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Friday Thirteen
Friday Thirteen
7 Jan 2016 8.00pm

Hehe. If you can’t beat, join.

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