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Towards better health and poverty alleviation in Selangor

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xavierThe Selangor government has come up with a series of measures to ease the plight of the lower income and marginalised groups in the state, says State Exco Member for Health, Poverty, Estate Workers and Caring Government Dr Xavier Jayakumar, who is also an Aliran member.


We have introduced a new method of grading cleanliness of restaurants in Selangor. It is a demerit system whereby if any restaurant accumulates too many points there will be compounds imposed, and their license revoked if the offences persist.


We are attacking all the dengue hotspots. Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Selangor and all the local councils are working together to organise the Gotong-Royong Perdana, which will be launched by the Menteri Besar.

The state will organise a dengue seminar (in 1 month) on the latest techniques, inviting local and foreign experts (from University Malaya & Oxford University) who are keen on presenting papers on the eradication of dengue.

Estate workers

We are proud to announce the launch the fund, for the benefit of estate workers children. RM2 million and land will be provided by the state. Estate owners and private companies, will also contribute towards this fund. The State will used the ffund to build hostels for the benefit of poor estate workers children.

rice distribution As for estate workers housing scheme – we have conclusively settled 2 long standing housing issues :-

1. Bukit Raja Estate

2. Coalfield Estate (Sg. Buloh).

In a month we hope to positively conclude a deal for Belata River Estate (Ulu Selangor) housing problem.

Selangor will review the building of high-rise “pigeon holes” for squatters so as to avoid serious social problems.

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Non-Muslim places of worship

The new guidelines regarding non-muslim places of worship, have been sent to the EXCO for approval. These guidelines were drawn up with input from representatives of all major non-muslim religions in the State, and are more liberal and fair.

Poverty and caring government

We will continue to build or repair houses for the poor. This time houses will be built for all races, and we are looking into rewriting the guidelines for Prihatin Selangor Program as well.

Also decided to review the minimum poverty line from RM760 to RM1,500 for urban poverty, due to the price hike of petrol, services and consumer goods.

RM500,000 worth of Rice, Sugar and Condensed Milk. About 40,000 families will benefit. Distribution will be done through the local ADUNs (700 bags of rice, 700 kgs of sugar and 700 tins of condensed milk per DUN seat), and not forgetting the BN constituencies; the relevant Excos who are assigned to those constituencies will be doing the distribution.


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