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BBC Hard Talk interview with Syed Saddiq

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A year ago following a huge corruption scandal Malaysia had its first change of government in 60 years. The country’s politics has been dominated by the same two names for the past two decades or so – Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a retired prime minister who returned to power at the age of 92, and Anwar Ibrahim, who was jailed, then pardoned and is now the Prime Minister’s chosen successor.

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is Malaysia’s youngest cabinet minister in a country where the average age is in the mid-20s. He tells the BBC’s Shaun Ley that Malaysia is now a country of reform and modernisation and no longer a land trapped in its colonial past.

How do you think he performed in the interview? Share with us your thoughts below.

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29 Jan 2019 4.57pm

I do not share his anti-Israel stance…flawed on so many counts. But I applaud his composure and delivery. Well done! Glad that we have politicians with working brains and values now.

26 Jan 2019 12.07pm

shame on you..only know to complain bout others here..

Tang Weng Kit
25 Jan 2019 3.47am

… Malaysian Government can’t even stand up for Orang Asli in Kelantan.

Wanna stand up again the wrong done in other countries.

The discrimination between races. Wanna champion international human rights pula.

Robyn Choi
25 Jan 2019 3.36pm
Reply to  Tang Weng Kit

Tang Weng Kit : The Federal Gov is taking Kelantan to court. That is something, no? Must remember, Malaysia is a federation of many states and constitutionally each state has a right to govern.

Tang Weng Kit
25 Jan 2019 6.21pm
Reply to  Tang Weng Kit

Robyn, agree.
Hopefully the original people status gets more rights than majority people’s right.

Stephen Francis
24 Jan 2019 11.25pm

This young upstart is a racist and a bigot for parroting that MahaFiruan’s stance on banning handicapped Israelites from participating in sports. Just like the party he belongs to which is equally a racist “For Malays only” party. You call that a “All inclusive” minister ? This … has also become the old man’s personal mouth-piece. Only saving grace is, he has a better command of the English language then Shahidan Kassim or Bung Mokhtar.

Theres Chin
24 Jan 2019 10.12pm

There’s no point talking and debating and knowing who is a better speaker! The only way to achieve anything is to take direct action to right the wrongs, any wrongs.

Vanaja Panickar
24 Jan 2019 9.01pm

For those who do not know Malaysian politics, he sounded very sincere about helping the Malaysian youth, but wasnt he one of those ministers who supported the stand that Malaysia should not sign the UN convention for eradication of special privileges for one particular race?
I remember the Rukun Negara ” Eradication of poverty and restructure of society irrespective of race.” So how can he mean what he says?

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan
24 Jan 2019 9.34pm

Vanaja Panickar Excellent point. HARDtalk should’ve pinned him down on that one but failed.

Vanaja Panickar
24 Jan 2019 9.39pm

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan I listened to him and felt defeated.

Janice Tindale
24 Jan 2019 8.31pm

A New hope! Kudos Syed Siddiq! Well done. Thus reinforcing what I said about the old guard DSAI being stale bread. Why does he think that the PM position should automatically go to him? Move forward Malaysia and try to keep up with the rest of the world for a change.

Patrick Chong
24 Jan 2019 7.55pm

He did well..could have been worse if it was Stephen Sackur…

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan
24 Jan 2019 6.27pm

He rambled too much propaganda instead of tackling serious issues. The BBC failed. He got away to become the winner.

Norazman Aidros
24 Jan 2019 7.23pm

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan Have you been listening? I don’t think so. This is an interview. You answer the question thrown at you. He has done well and the country should be proud.

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan
24 Jan 2019 7.42pm

Norazman Aidros What’s your problem with my reaction to the show? Is there only one view to the show? I normally don’t indulge with one sided views like yours but am making an exception. I did not listen but WATCHED the show last night on BBC News. FYI, I have been listening to the show since it first aired many moons ago on BBC World Service with Tim Sebastian. I also was privileged to meet, chat and take a picture with Sebastian through The Star (and the BBC) in KL when it was being promoted here. Over the years I’ve heard huge names talk on the show. So, “thank you sir“, I think I know what this show is all about.

Michael Bubble
Michael Bubble
25 Jan 2019 8.22am

Your view itself anthony, is one sided. Sure on the internet we are who we say we are, i took pictures with the moon itself and rode on Chuck Norris’ back during the 90s. So i also know what the show is about.

Narim Byof
24 Jan 2019 8.24pm

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan I’m sure the interview would turn out differently with the former moderator of Hard Talk. But overall Syed Saddiq able to keep composure and keep his flow of thoughts unheeded which would be difficult for most Malaysian politicians on live tv. Compared to other politicians he did well due to his age and first experience in the government. It depends who you are comparing to.

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan
24 Jan 2019 9.41pm

Narim Byof I understand your points but what mattered to me was this young boy politician identifying with the ordinary Malaysian. He sounded more like a smart alec unloading his political propoganda and his hopes and dreams rather than an experienced tried and tested person. It was more cerebral than experiential which I would have much preferred. Anwar and Dr M were far better as guests. This guy has lots to learn.

Narim Byof
24 Jan 2019 11.53pm

Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan true

James Hoh
24 Jan 2019 6.24pm

He is good for his age.

Haja Mohideen Mohd Ali
24 Jan 2019 6.12pm

He was excellent.

26 Jan 2019 5.40pm

Couldnt agree more. Excellent. Awesome. I wonder how all of you who have been commenting against him would perform shall you be on that seat.

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