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Embrace wholeness and reject hypocrisy in preserving the environment

Let us reimagine a wholesome world that embraces humanity with justice for all

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The world celebrated environmental day on 5 June. The theme for this year was “Reimagine, Recreate and Restore”, as this year marks the beginning of the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

The fact that this theme has been chosen clearly shows that – unless there is a youthful, spiritual, universal and ethical understanding of the environment – there will not be significant changes to preserve the environment for the next generation.

Western nations and their scientists used rationalism to show evidence of damage on various aspects of the environment and have initiated sustainable development goals that would help preserve the environment for the next generation.

However, it has basically left out the importance of a radical spiritual consciousness of interior life, rooted in love, that would help to see creation in its wholeness, respecting spiritual connectivity with the source of creation, with creation and humanity.

This is where the importance of God consciousness and respect for objective absolute truths that cannot be relativised to suit one’s subjective agenda is vital.

For example, while Western nations come up with objective scientific truths about climate change, they still indulge or use militaristic hegemonic adventures to preserve resources. They go to war or support regime that damage the environment of the people.

The latest Israeli massive bombardment of Gaza, which had the support of prominent Western nations, did not merely destroy the infrastructure of a besieged city, but polluted the city with bombs. The US, the UK and Germany – who always espouse the importance of reducing carbon footprint – were supporting Israel by refusing to condemn the environmental damage from such bombardments. Their relationship with Israel was far more important than the environment.

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The relativistic attitude of certain Western nations – in picking and choosing how they project their environmental credentials and propagating it to the world – shows a lack of spiritual consciousness.

There is a failure to see the world as interdependent and wholesome – where environmental sustainability covers a wholesome aspect of the unity of creation, going beyond ideological and strategic interests.

So let us reimagine a wholesome world that embraces humanity with justice for all and even the unborn, recreate global, political and economic structures that respect the wholeness of the common good and restores the wholeness of human and environmental relationships that rejects every form of violence against human beings and the environment. – The Malaysian Insight

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