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Have mercy on our students first

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Prepare our students to embrace the unprecedented changing world order – not burden them, says JD Lovernciear.

Suddenly the country is reeling in shock and anger. All because, out of the blue, someone said starting next year the learning of khat (Arabic calligraphy) will be brought back into schools.

Social media are already chocking to the brim with all kinds of arguments for and against the move. Various groups are scrambling to meet like as if the country is under threat by alien beings.

Wait a minute citizens, lawmakers and politicians. Have we truly considered the real plight of our students?

Even after six decades of self governance and with all kinds of yo-yoing with policies and changes in the education system, we are still struggling with a school dropout problem. Do we know what is the size of the ‘Mat Rempit’ polulation now? Or the ‘samseng’ polulation? All these groups are school dropouts.

Not only that, we are also battling with cries that even our graduates are unfit to meet job market demands.

Is it not true that entry standards have been lowered, leading to a decline in human capital capability?

Let sense and wisdom prevail. The problem with the country is not lack of loyalty to King and nation. It is not even one of a religion under seige, let alone the threat of an anihilation of cultures.

Our problem is our politics. It has not grown up to embrace and tap into the evolution of global political thought.

That aside, please-lah spare our young. Stop changing policies just because a new political party has taken up the government.

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Prepare our students to embrace the unprecedented changing world order – not burden them with politically fired agendas meant to keep politicians relevant.

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