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Let’s go back to our moral and spiritual foundation


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From this foundation, new ideas of hope can emerge, which will help the nation to reflect on the common good that goes beyond partisan party politics, writes Ronald Benjamin.

There seem to be exciting times ahead since Pakatan Harapan has taken over the government.

In this new scenario, there seem to be winners, losers, sceptics, the grateful and the optimists. There were people who worked hard and got nothing; there are losers who are licking their wounds; and there also jubilant crowds who are cherishing the moment of change.

In this context of emotional upheaval, reason has prevailed. The transition of power has been achieved without bloodshed and that has made Malaysia a unique nation. One has to give a due credit to the previous BN government for its grudging cooperation in this whole episode of change, which created a relatively peaceful transition, unlike other countries where violence rules the day.

The question is what should be the priorities of Malaysians in this new context of change and uncertainties? I believe the winners, losers, sceptics, the grateful and the optimists should go back to the basic moral and spiritual foundation of their respective faiths and draw strength from its wisdom.

The Rukun Negara that exhorts belief in God propels us to go back to our spiritual roots to gain new perspectives of hope after an emotional upheaval. When a community feels overwhelmed in life, it is vital to go back to the basics of our existence that will moderate our anxieties, worries and ideology. This moderating factor will help us comprehend issues of social importance in an objective manner.

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From this objective reflection, new ideas of hope can emerge, which will help the nation to reflect on the common good that goes beyond partisan party politics. For example, there have been some voices of reflection and reason by leaders of certain political parties who are willing to open up their ethnic-based parties to other ethnic communities which is a clear example of what it means to go back to the drawing board of our moral foundation. The election of Tommy Thomas as the new Attorney General in spite of his ethnicity and religion shows great hope that is derived from our moral and spiritual traditions that value the richness of diversity.

Malaysia today is blessed because its leaders of the past built the moral foundation of the nation, from which its citizens could always draw strength. In spite of the extreme voices of ethno-religious politicians, moderation and reason have prevailed. Let us thank Almighty God for the moral foundations found in our spiritual traditions, Rukun Negara and our constitution that reflects truth in diversity.

Source: malaysiakini.com

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