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Malaysia’s dilemma today – Greed

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For as long as greed and corruption drive our politics, we are doomed, writes JD Lovrenciear.

Greed has become the number one currency in this multi-religious country, despite all the praying and worshipping.

Greed’s symbiotic partner is corruption.  Can we name one leader who stands tall and can proclaim he or she is not corrupt, ie free from the sins of omission or commission committed against the conscience of this nation?

Greed and corruption form the backdrop to the country’s plunge into a political dilemma.

Politics is a profession like all other vocations. You get paid for your services and expertise. But look at the lifestyles of our politicians. Look at their family members’ easy excess to riches through business deals and stocks. Even a school kid can do the maths. It just does not add up.

Look at Norway. Why are the people there progressing almost effortlessly?

Look at the developed nations. They too have political battles. But betraying their people on this scale rarely happens. Most of these nations only have differing schools of thought on how to tackle their problems.

Here in Malaysia, people are branded as lazy or made scapegoats each time our democracy is attacked or undermined.

Consider the police investigations each time people gather to voice their grave concern and to register their unhappiness.

Citizens learn how to feed the greed and corrupt ways of doing business or conducting their lives whether in education, healthcare or any industry, from construction to farming.

The mantra zealously guarded by the powers that be is: This nation belongs to all Malaysians. We must build it together. But let us have a piece of cake first, and don’t dare question it.

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Look at the many court cases in progress or pending charges. Is this not a reflection of the massive greed and corruption that has spread in society, especially in politics? If no, then what is it? Surely it is not political persecution?

Sure, we may blame others for the country’s political dilemma, but one thing that needs national will and courage to admit and tackle is this: For as long as greed and corruption drive our politics, we are doomed.

And if all hell falls apart, will we blame the people again or some foreign entity? 

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