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Malaysia’s woes keep mounting for unelected government

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Much to their dismay, the plotters may have underestimated the impact of Covid-19, JD Lovrenciear writes.

The new government under the stewardship of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has been plagued by both the baggage of past sins of bad governance and the Covid-19 economic impact.

As the global economy threatens to teeter off the cliff, we have witnessed politicians scrambling for newfound power, control and the gravy that promises to flow from Putrajaya and the state governments.

Meanwhile, the push and pull of geopolitical uncertainties among the three superpowers, the US, China and Russia, cannot be a rainbow for an already desperate Perikatan Nasional-led government.

While the lockdown in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic may seem to have stomped out public protests, the truth is social unhappiness will only root even deeper in desperate situations.

With the oil and gas industry and tourism and its related spin-offs deemed to be in a slump, the financial problems of the nation will boomerang on the unelected government of the day.

Much to their dismay, the plotters who saw the chance to raid and oust a democratically elected government may have underestimated the impact of Covid-19.

It is a sad setback for Malaysia. The clouds are darkening on the horizon. No amount of oppressing laws will liberate a bandwagon of politicians who still believe that the public are fools who can be enticed with crumbs.

Covid-19 is here to stay for longer than they think. We have not seen the second or third waves yet. The mutation of the virus is not an ‘impossible probability’ as we see in the breaking news the world over.

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The ‘new normal’ will have huge impacts on societal behaviour and create great duress for an increasingly unhappy population, many of whom thought they had broken the yoke of abuse of power after six decades of lost hope.

As society buckles under the pressures of economic foreboding and financial nightmares, coupled with wrecked hopes, it is only a matter of time before those in an overnight power of position begin to dread even the daylight.

Naysayers please read world history to acknowledge bitter truths. Let this debacle be a lesson for the new opposition and future leaders too.

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