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MMC-Gamuda, please stop the bullying

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To use emotionally charged strategies that pump adrenalin onto the social media and to hide behind veiled “trade secrets” is unbecoming, writes JD Lovernciear.

MP Tony Pua has presented an excellent rebuttal in the wake of what seems like a slyly conceived public relations campaign to actually bully Malaysians. 

All Malaysians have a right to know the whole truth and this is where all media, irrespective of their private or publicly known agenda, should publish Tony’s point-by-point rebuttal that tells all. 

On that note, let all private sector organisations and government-linked companies be told that our nation’s resilient future should never be paid for with unsightly profit-making or with the ugly motivation of making hay while the sun shines. 

The MMC-Gamuda saga should be a powerful lesson. Companies have a responsibility to be an integral part of nation-building, operating on the philosophy of returning to society what rightfully belongs to humanity – because we are talking about developing a nation of people here and not about raking in profits. 

To use emotionally charged strategies that pump adrenalin onto the social media and to hide behind veiled “trade secrets” is unbecoming.

It is also time that Pakatan Harapan leaders take the cue from Tony Pua to march forward and expose all other questionable business dealings including those undertaken by operatives of government-linked companies.

Citizens should not tolerate bullying tactics. NGOs who are the eyes and ears of the innocent, unsuspecting rakyat must be on the ball to eradicate clock-and-dagger deals.

We must wake up to the truth that corporate social responsibility is not about giving out goodie bags, being seen to be caring or being able to create jobs. Social responsibility is about building society without stealing from humanity. 

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