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Moral responsibility supersedes political priorities or religious service

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We would have failed in our national duty if we let irresponsible leaders escape without being held accountable, JD Lovrenciear writes.

When you collate the many reports on the mobility of a public figure tested positive for Covid-19, you cannot escape a fundamental question: in a pandemic, where innocent lives can be put quickly at high risk, should one’s moral responsibility not supersede social, political or religious duties?

With the shocking revelations about Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri’s appearance in several states, often seen not complying with established standard operating procedures like wearing face masks, we must demand pertinent, soul-searching accountability from our leaders.

The number of fellow leaders and officials who now have to be in isolation or ‘quarantined’ as we prefer to term it because they were in contact with an infected person did come with a high price.

Worst is the agony of knowing that many more children, students and the poor too may be infected and we are yet to establish the cluster.

While the vanguards entrusted to protect the nation of people keep harping on the standard operating procedures to contain the spread of the virus, we see how politicians have compromised on basic health measures.

The public are not spared arrests, detentions and fines for failing to observe standard health and safety procedures. In contrast, politicians and those holding high office blatantly disregarding the need to even use face masks, let alone strictly observe social distancing with a keen sense of social responsibility.

In simple language, their political expediencies overrode national health safety as was seen in the run-up to the Sabah state election, which was manufactured, forcing the dissolution of the state government.

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Leadership by example seems to have expired in this land.

When moral obligation is thrown out of the window for political expediency and the desire to remain in power, then a nation ends up in an extremely vulnerable state.

We would have failed in our national duty if we let irresponsible leaders escape without being held accountable.

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