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Najib talks about his fall from power

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Najib Razak was ousted as Malaysia’s prime minister and has been charged with multiple counts of money laundering and abuse of power. He talked to the Financial Time’s Victor Mallet earlier this month about what went wrong and the threat of jail.

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Francis Chin
15 Oct 2018 6.17pm

You really have no idea how to run a country. And the problem has been compounded by your greediness. If you are guilty of those murders link to you, you better start asking Allah for forgiveness

Ng Jantan
14 Oct 2018 5.38pm

Lol he claims that he never buys votes & that the jewellery are gifts from monarchs.

KLeng Leong
KLeng Leong
14 Oct 2018 5.39pm

Expensive gifts from some monarch? Who are you trying to bulls…?! If you received so many expensive gifts, the right thing to do is donate most of them for charity. But what did your greedy Rosy did? Hoard all the diamonds, gold and bags! How many hands, necks and fingers does she has????!!!

30 Oct 2018 2.54pm
Reply to  KLeng Leong

The baldy former pm and her lady rosechan are making Malaysian fool.shameless person on earth and still can wave hands.

Eddie Khoo
14 Oct 2018 1.55pm

Nico, Malaysia suffers now and for a long time to come.

Nico Tan
14 Oct 2018 8.13pm
Reply to  Eddie Khoo

Yes because of this stupid fool!!!

Chee Cheng Aun
14 Oct 2018 2.07pm

What a load of Bull
When you are in power 1MDB fiasco was never to be questioned by the local & foreign media & public.
Now you want to clear your name & have foreign journalists to make sure it’s a fair trial.
Shows a lot about you
I hope it’s a fair trial & a fair sentencing like throwing away the key for what you have done to the Rakyat
Anything less than that is mockery of Justice

MaryAnn Tan
14 Oct 2018 11.10am

Who cares!

Nico Tan
14 Oct 2018 11.14am

After he plundered all the money….???? You are one of the biggest LIAR of all mothers nature!!!! No sympathy at all for you.

Muthu Ramalinga Thevar
14 Oct 2018 8.52am

Donation is bribe….

Heng Jiang Cheng
14 Oct 2018 6.55am


Jayaseelan Ayathurai
13 Oct 2018 10.28pm

Pak off…

Rachel Thong
13 Oct 2018 10.21pm

He thinks he’s immortal?

Go Go Casey
13 Oct 2018 10.00pm

Tak malu ke ?

30 Oct 2018 2.57pm
Reply to  Go Go Casey

Hi does know what is Malu .thick skin .

Sea Tea Oon
13 Oct 2018 9.15pm

Worst PM in Malaysia history. Worst Malaysian in Malaysia soil … even Satan lost to Najib.

30 Oct 2018 2.59pm
Reply to  Sea Tea Oon

…if good.. will follow the rule.just look at rid face look like ????????

Daniel Chan
13 Oct 2018 9.21pm

May Altantunyah revisit you soon

Yong Tan
13 Oct 2018 9.18pm

Repent is the only answer. Not denials!

Frank Meeng
13 Oct 2018 8.37pm

No use crying over spilled milk…already game overlah…

Paul Leong
13 Oct 2018 7.53pm

It’s all your fault

Kam Chee Ng
13 Oct 2018 7.57pm

You think you never fall,because you are pocketing a lot of money,and money is the king of cash to gain power.But you have forgotten that there is a person call God,he give you the lesson what is call karma.until now you still never wake up and realize this.If you keep on denial,more and more will come not even your self but all people
surrounding you.Stop doing defence and confess Maybe can receive less punishment.

Shafaruddin Hanafiah
13 Oct 2018 7.47pm

Org UMNO n org Kampung boleh la pecaya kamu Najib…

Albert Alexander Jacob
13 Oct 2018 7.32pm

Nobody will believe you anymore ! Prove your innocence in court pls . Tq

Wubai My
13 Oct 2018 7.20pm

You ask him aaaaaaah ? He doesn’t know one laaaaaah.

Wubai My
13 Oct 2018 7.20pm


Seaman Liew
13 Oct 2018 7.29pm

wow.. Najib is still can interview

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