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Nazism has no place in Palestinians’ struggle for homeland

Adolf Hitler (left) and Paul von Hindenburg - Photograph: Wikipedia

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Can’t those characters who think highly of Hitler see that he was the personification of evil, wonders Choo Sing Chye

It is difficult for me to fathom local university graduate Ibn Ruru’s act of “thanking” former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust.

Apparently, the graduate’s action has desecrated the Palestinians’ noble struggle by associating it with Hitler’s murderous acts.

He should have been mindful of what he said because the Palestinians’ struggle for a homeland should not be devoid of moral values. His action lacks intelligence and decent moral values, and we do not expect this to come from anybody, what more a university graduate. Fifteen years of learning has come to nought; it has failed to mould this character into a fine and intelligent person.

All he could come out with was a Nazi salute and a thank you note to the perpetrator of the worst genocide of the 20th Century. By doing so, he has become a useful idiot for extreme right-wing Zionists.

The Palestinian issue is complicated, and it needs intellectual input and support from all countries to solve this problem.

I do not know what characters like Ibn Ruru, the mufti of Perlis and Bung Moktar Radin see in Hitler. Can’t they see that Hitler was the personification of Satan and the swastika, the crooked cross, a symbol of evil?

Idolising Hitler means celebrating Satan. Many in the German high command, including Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, had a low opinion of Hitler.

In 1932 German President Hindenburg summoned Hitler to Berlin, and the outcome did not impress him. He told his aides after the meeting, ”That man for Chancellor? I’ll make him a postmaster and he can lick stamps with my head on them” [Winston S. Churchill. The Gathering Storm. Penguin Books Ltd 1948. p72].

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Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
12 Dec 2019 10.00am

I am familiar with Hitler and Nazism and the European war in the 1939 conflagration onwards. Apart from his death camps and reducing the Jewish population in Europe under his control, and invading his neighbours, and creating havoc with British and American imperialism, Hitler must be seen in the proper perspective of German history. In him, a minor German corporal in the 1st World War with military medals he won, became a saviour to his people and country when he was elected into government, more especially so after the humiliating Treaty proclaimed against his country at the end of the 1st World War. Germany at that time still practised democracy with voting, don’t forget. It was only when he was elevated to be the Supreme ruler by his pe

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