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Tell Me – a song by Amirah

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Tell Me is Amirah’s second single, which was originally composed in Malay and entitled Katakanlah.

Amirah writes:

With the global pandemic and political turmoil of 2020, I felt this song could not wait any longer. We need to unite more than ever.

I asked questions in the lyrics about how we view and identify ourselves as people. Are we our name? Our face? Our religion? Our race?

I feel sad when I see people hurt each other simply because of the color of their skin, or because they subscribe to a different religion. We are all the same, we are all one, and I think it is important we remember that.

Let’s unite and focus on solutions. The world depends on that.

Lyricist: Amirah, Amy Powers

Publisher: Amirah360 Publishing


Tell Me

Verse 1

I dive in the darkest oceans

I walk on the shifting sands

The more that I see of this world

The less that I understand it

Pre-chorus 1

Am I my name, am I my face

My religion or my race

My tradition or my tribe

Or just this heart that beats inside

And can I ever justify the choice I make


Tell me

Tell me

Ahhh ahhh…

What should I believe?

Verse 2

I hide while the storm surrounds me

I watch while the fires burn

Beneath every answer I know

The questions are still returning

Pre-chorus 2

Am I my fear, am I my faith

Am I my love, am I my hate

Am I the steel beneath my skin

Or just the doubt that hides within?

And can I still forgive my sins and find my grace

Chorus 2

Tell Me…

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Tell me.

Ahhh ahhh

How do I believe?


Tell Me…

Tell me.

Ahhh ahhh

How should I believe?

Verse 3

We walk in the same sweet sunlight

Sleep under the same bright stars

Our wounds leave the same blood spilling

Our wars leave the same cruel scars

Pre-chorus 3

Are we free or are we slaves

And are we damned or are we saved

Are we the prayers that we recite

Or just our honour and our pride

And is it too late to decide to change our ways

Chorus 3

Tell Me…

Tell me.

Ahhh ahhh

How do I believe?


Tell Me…

Tell me.

Ahhh ahhh

How should I believe?

Videographer: Olya Helga; Video Editor: Daria Riabova, Amirah; Lyrics Animation: Vivian Tse, Amirah; Clothing: Designed by Amirah (blazer, songket skirt); Atelier: Jila Atelier; Necklace: Designed by Amirah

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