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The great Malaysian pretense

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As long as we do not have the courage and philosophical enlightenment to deal with LGBT, we have failed to meet the fundamental standards of a progressive society, writes JD Lovrenciear.

When LGBT photos are taken down because of ‘sensitivities’ – while corruption rocks every layer in the public sectors with the level of integrity falling short – we must know that we are on a disastrous path towards compromised values.

When corruption is unearthed, we witness all kinds of determined attempts by the culprits to justify it. While the nation rocks in the aftermath of a kleptocracy, we have seen no remorse let alone a determination to let noble values prevail.

We have a never-ending battle against profiteering; yet what we see is defiance while many of us opt to live in indifference. Whether in corporate corridors, small and medium-sized businesses or sole enterprises, there are so many stories of cheating. These are tolerated or only frowned upon.

But when it comes to LGBT, all hell and fury is raised to proclaim our disapproval – even hatred and disgust – towards this community, all in the name of religion.

What is becoming of the social architecture of Malaysia? What is truly our real religious philosophy? What kind of progressive nation of people are we carving out for the future?

The removal of photos/portraits in Penang of two Malaysians associated with the LGBT community clearly showcases how confused, undecided and blinkered the authorities and their followers are.

With large segments of civil society choosing to remain silent, it suggests we may in all likelihood be a couldn’t-care-less society.

Yet, we know that LGBT is not a curse of God nor a scourge of society.

And so, after all the trumpeted proclamations that we are a progressive nation of people; after all the grandiose showcasing of skyscrapers and modernity, we remain buried in the dark ages.

Indeed for as long as we do not have the courage, conviction and philosophical enlightenment to deal with LGBT but instead choose to marginalise this community, we have failed to meet the fundamental standards of a progressive and learned society.

Where then is our promise to make Malaysia great?

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