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The oil is running out, so…

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Why is the BN-led government allocating billions of ringgit for the construction of petroleum-based infrastructure under the East Coast Economic Corridor (ECER)? Our special correspondent raises a few disturbing questions.

In accusing the opposition of
incompetence and irresponsibility, the BN leaders have inadvertently
declared themselves to be even more incompetent and irresponsible.

Unlike the opposition who are not privy
to information on the petroleum reserves in the country, the BN
leaders knew that the oil is running out and Malaysia will become a
net importer by 2011 when they approved the multi-hundred billion
ringgit East Coast Economic Corridor (ECER), with petroleum-based
industries at its core, and with Petronas as the lead agency.

So, yes the opposition can be accused
of taking decisions without full knowledge of the facts — not good,
but hard to blame them when this government doesn’t want to give out
the facts.

But the BN took the decision on ECER in
full knowledge of the facts. The kindest we can say is: incompetent
and irresponsible. But perhaps it’s worse than that — they didn’t
give a damn, because once the construction is done and the money has
been pocketed, what do they care whether the corridor is a shell of
ghostly structures. Which sane investor is going to put their money
in something when the core resource is going to run out even before
they can get up and running!

Meanwhile, the BN leaders, top to
bottom, have no compunction about selling ECER to the people of the
east coast, knowing full well that the oil is running out, so no
ECER, more like leceh. This is the ultimate pyramid scheme
rip-off or scam, against which those Nigerian scams begin to look
like child’s play.

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