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Transgenders: The sorrows of discrimination

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Why must we play God knowing too well that transgenders existed all through human civilisation, wonders JD Lovrenciear.

A report on transgenders in Malaysia (“Transgenders find family ‘maaf’ can be in short supply even at Hari Raya”, Free Malaysia Today) must needle our souls.

Indeed, the sorrows that plague the transgender community cannot be shuttered with political will or religiosity of sorts.

It is true that human civilisation has had and will continue to have humans who are born to grow up different from the male-female distinction that predominates society.

But when we chastise, condemn and rob the transgenders of their rightful place in society, how can we the seemingly ‘straight’ and pious people stand before God?

Come Judgement Day, what would be our narratives before the All-Knowing?

Even if we are not followers of any religion, how can we defend our reasoning in having condemned other humans?

Despite all the advances in science, we remain closed, prejudiced and stubbornly ill -informed about the real world of transgenders.

Despite so much formidable research explaining the truths about this ostracised community of fellow human beings, we see it right to banish them from the mainstream.

In Malaysia, like anywhere else on this planet, transgenders are real people who are ever present in our midst. They are every bit as human as their fellow human beings.

What right do we have to claim that Mother Earth has no place for transgenders?

Despite all the charity we demonstrate to the larger community of have-nots; despite our numerous celebrations in the name of our respective faith teachings; despite all the proclamations we make about our capacity to care and love for the environment; and despite all the good deeds we showcase in the fight against evil – many of us remain resolved to discriminate against genuine human being born or growing up to be transgenders because they find it impossible to conform to the ‘straight’ segment of society.

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Why must we play God knowing too well that transgenders existed all through human civilisation?

The answer is we lack courage to admit and embrace transgenders. We are truly selfish about our own existence and relevancy.

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