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Video: ‘You are a nuisance!’ Najib walks out of Al Jazeera interview after barrage of questions

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“Good thing we deported you. You are a nuisance!” Najib Razak gets all riled up moments before he storms out of an Al Jazeera interview. The hot seat just got a little too hot for comfort.

As Mary Ann Jolley grilled Najib about donations and diamonds, high-profile murder cases, his relationship with Jho Low, and his stepson’s newfound wealth, the former Prime Minister grew visibly agitated and stood up, threatening to walk out.

Once pacified, Najib returned to the hot seat, apparently more comfortable talking about his ‘legacy’ and his handling of the economy. But as Jolley asķed him about Low again, Najib threw in the towel. He later apologised for losing his cool during the interview.

Jolley was deported from Malaysia in 2015 under the Najib administration while she was working on a story Murder in Malaysia, which cast a spotlight on the brutal slaying of Mongolian Altantuya Sharriibuu.

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Richard Ong
28 Oct 2018 12.39pm

Looks like he knew may not be able to provide satisfactory answers to the questions, only way to avoid is walk out…

Lim Kooi Choong
28 Oct 2018 12.24pm

Looks like he nearly cried

Garry Chee
28 Oct 2018 11.27am

Publicly humiliated, pilloried, excoriated, shamed …etc ..u name it!

Nico Tan
27 Oct 2018 9.30pm

He can’t answer straight forward questions cos all his answers are zig zag….. All lies!!!!

Nizam Faizal
27 Oct 2018 8.44pm


Paul Bailey
27 Oct 2018 8.17pm

lucky for us he’s going somewhere he can’t walk out of

27 Oct 2018 6.30pm


Bidin Lotot
27 Oct 2018 6.16pm

Hebat nya doa doa orang Di zalimi tanpa hijab!!!

Sweebee Yap
27 Oct 2018 6.16pm

Well, can’t answer the questions? Walk out like a chicken …

Rezal Oa
27 Oct 2018 5.56pm

Thats y he dont dare to debate with Tun … bunch of trash

Sara Vanan
27 Oct 2018 5.59pm

Masuk ni penghint ke jail dn temuduga bgus lh

Arthurius Chan
27 Oct 2018 5.58pm

The alazzerra reporter outsmart him in questions

Peter Lim Swee Aik
27 Oct 2018 5.56pm

Well…. it all depends…
One side showed video on donation acknowledgement and banking documents…. the other side said there was acknowledgement to the contrary…..
I know PH’s manifesto is not the bible.. are PH’s words like the bible..? 🤔

Muthu Ramalinga Thevar
27 Oct 2018 5.30pm

Stripped naked

Ang Barnitus
27 Oct 2018 5.40pm

Is this another first for Malaysia?

Aziz Ahmed Shaika
27 Oct 2018 5.27pm

She roasted his backside until he couldn’t sit anymore.

Aziz Ahmed Shaika
27 Oct 2018 5.36pm

Inside Msia, “his pple” will give him smooth flow as much as possible but in the international arena , “his pple” cannot function well there. So this is what can be expected of him.

27 Oct 2018 5.07pm

@mkula Walkout not a penchant soul

Walid Adnan
27 Oct 2018 5.00pm


Ashvin Raj
27 Oct 2018 5.15pm

He spoke to an empty Parliament but didn’t walk out.
But with all cameras on him, he doesn’t want to speak but walks out..

Nathaniel Woon
27 Oct 2018 5.44pm
Reply to  Ashvin Raj

That says a lot about him…

Lc Wee
27 Oct 2018 4.08pm

Noticed the coward’s is getting longer and longer.

Ravi Shanker
27 Oct 2018 3.49pm

Clown lah

Richard Ng Ting Woong
27 Oct 2018 3.31pm


Keith Chin
27 Oct 2018 3.41pm

Bet he wished he could walk out on Rosmah

Ilan Govan
27 Oct 2018 6.25pm
Reply to  Keith Chin

Latest info both staying seperatly after quarrel.one in langgak n the other in pavilion.not seen course in recent court charge.god knows

Chan David
27 Oct 2018 3.22pm

Just recover our monies then (charge) him (with) treason

Yong Soo Len
27 Oct 2018 3.15pm

Mr “Cool” finally lost it! 🤣🤣🤣

Oi Kin
27 Oct 2018 2.55pm

Still think you are vip?

Beatrice Fernandez
27 Oct 2018 2.58pm

My prayers will be there for him

Gregory R Warrier
27 Oct 2018 3.46pm

You need to pray harder for all the crimes he has committed

Beatrice Fernandez
27 Oct 2018 5.10pm

… I know but he is human also … with weakness just like anyone

Mary Agnes
27 Oct 2018 6.51pm

Beatrice Fernandez yeah me and my whole kampung residents are human too this jerk and his crony tengku adnan sold our land chasing us out from our kampung like we are foreigners. We waited hours outside putrajaya he went to india he didint bother to help us. We are not staying there illegally we staying there 50 yrs.

Paul Bailey
27 Oct 2018 8.18pm

he has to face the earthly consequences for what he has done

Beatrice Fernandez
28 Oct 2018 12.22pm

Sorry to all if I hurt you all with my comment

Beatle No.5
27 Oct 2018 2.41pm

Unbecoming of a statesman. Hold on. He is not a statesman

Beatrice Fernandez
27 Oct 2018 2.52pm

Very sad to see this dear God

Davis Tan
27 Oct 2018 2.50pm

Not walks out, still in the room, just left the seat.

Fizz Arshad
27 Oct 2018 2.49pm

One day he’ll be conducting exclusive interviews from behind bars.

Aziz Ahmed Shaika
27 Oct 2018 5.32pm
Reply to  Fizz Arshad

Fizz Arshad , most definitely bcos this will be a case study . This is the only kleptocratic case in the world so far. He will be very famous , for the wrong reasons of course.