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What are you fighting for?

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That’s the question, Shazwan Mustafa Kamal poses to the protesters and those responsible for the arson attacks on three churches today. 

This goes out to all the would-be protesters who plan to demonstrate after Friday prayers as well as the arsonists who are responsible for burning the churches.

Dear all,

Assalamualaikum. Do you know what this greeting actually means? Of course, you do. You probably say this a few times a day. Heck, the same people who were at the gathering outside the Sultan’s palace yesterday said this to each other. You know what, even the cow’s-head protesters last year started their tirade after prayers with an “Assalamualaikum“.

Let me ask you again: do you know what it means?

Never mind the fact that at least three churches have been attacked. Let’s not think about the fact that huge protests are being planned today by “NGOs”. Let’s also not forget that many of these “champions” of Islam are fighting against non-Muslims being allowed to use “Allah”. It’s so “brilliant” what they are doing. I am SO sure that non-Muslims will be persuaded after this to convert to Islam.

In fact, judging from what’s been happening in this country, from stepping on a cow’s head, attacking churches, demonstrations… I’m pretty sure a really good picture of Islam is being painted, don’t you think?

Let’s forget all that. Freeze time, okay? Just for a minute, guys.

Now, I admit that I’m not an overly religious person. I don’t pray five times a day, I question everything, I’m ruled by logic. But going back to when I was young, I remember asking my Ustaz this during Quran class:

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Me: Ustaz, what does assalamualaikum mean?

Ustaz: My dear boy, that is a good question. It means PEACE BE UPON YOU. We say it to people when we meet them.

Now, I can’t quote surahs like a learned scholar and point out verses to justify my point. Perhaps I’ve also grown jaded these days.

But you know something?

Peace be upon you. Imagine that. Such a beautiful translation, a phrase so simple yet so revealing about the nature of Islam. You do not need to go through scores of books to ascertain what Islam is. It’s a religion of peace. Each time you meet someone, the first thing a true Muslims wishes on the other person is peace.

Now back to reality. Can you imagine a Muslim, all bent with purpose and determination, going somewhere with an intent to cause harm? What kind of Muslim is that? How does his faith propel him to propagate violence?

From what I understand the use of force is always the LAST RESORT in the Quran. (Check it yourself, my learned Muslim friends, yes you with the protest banners.)

And my friends, believe me… we are FAR from being put in a place where we have no other alternatives.

Wanting to harm another person, or even the thought of it, is clearly wrong in Islam, no matter what justification you give: you say that it is a question of aqidah, and you have to protect your religion from being belittled.

Hello, who is having a crisis of faith here? Christians using the word Allah will it cause Muslims to be converted to Christianity? How shallow can one’s mindset be? If that is all it takes for your faith to be shaken, I think you’re in big trouble my friend.

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Violence is an easy way out, yes. It’s also cool, isn’t it, to be all high and mighty?

Forgive me. I digress at times. See I get carried away by emotions too, just like you.

You know what the difference between us is though? I always remember this old saying: sabar separuh daripada iman.

Patience is a test of faith indeed.

So how’s your faith doing today? – themalaysianinsider.com

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