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What does the coming decade hold for Malaysia?

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Leaders and followers must be aligned in thoughts, words and deeds to create a fair and just Malaysia for all, writes JD Lovrenciear.

Senior citizens since the days of Merdeka right through to the 1960s will recall the times of bucket latrines and Fung Keong rubber soles that gave us relief from the laborious struggles as we built Malaysia over the decades. 

Now that 2020 has dawned, we grimace over the fact that our arrival year as a “developed nation” has been painfully moved to 2025. But will we achieve our national aspiration in the next five years? 

As we take stock of the ongoing race, religion and communal rights posturing over many issues in the last decade, will we end up as a maimed nation in the coming decade?

Will we ever stem the declining standards of reading, writing and maths and above segmentations? 

Will we ever rid ourselves of diseased mindsets and attitudes that do not match the frenzied construction of superstructures and the mushrooming millionaires amongst the elite? 

Will we see an end to recalcitrant business people who have no qualms in polluting our precious water and air quality and putting the people at risk? 

Will we rid our nation of the scourge of corruption and the sins of omission and commission? 

Will we rise as a beacon to the world where many nations are jostling for power, where politicians use strategies of racism, religious divisions and economic hoardings as the weapons of war and control? 

Will we march forward with an affirmative national policy that encourages meritocracy while embracing a social philosophy that uplifts the bottom 40% of the population with true compassion and concern?

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Will we uphold the philosophy of returning to society what rightfully belongs to all of humanity? 

Most importantly, will we rise above the cloud of political uncertainty and usher in a fair and just Malaysia for all its people? 

The journey into the next ten years is in our hands. What God has given unconditionally, we must harness, build upon and seek the Almighty’s blessings ever more. It cannot be a decade of “my God verses yours”. 

Looking at our national inventory of failures, the next decade demands leadership. 

The next decade also demands followers aligned to thoughts, words and deeds that can create a fair and just Malaysia for all – a vision that has been slipping fast in recent decades. 

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