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When emergency ideas are sought

It is most unfortunate that Parliament has been suspended under emergency rule - for this is the place where the voice of the people can heard

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It is normally a sign of a functioning democracy when a government expresses its readiness to listen to the views of the ordinary people it supposedly represents.

Recently, the Malaysian government reportedly asked Malaysians to provide ideas on how to improve the implementation of the nationwide emergency that had come into effect recently.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia has set up a saluran maklumat darurat or emergency information channel for people to send in their views.

While the gesture appears commendable, it may raise suspicion among critics over whether such a move is another way of the government trying to lend legitimacy to its controversial emergency rule in the wake of certain quarters being critical of it.

Put differently, submitting ideas on emergency implementation to the government in this manner may give the impression that people have accepted emergency rule as fait accompli – when there are certain quarters who are still critical of the decision.

The call for ideas has also prompted cynics to raise such questions as, doesn’t the government know why it insisted on having the emergency to supposedly fight against Covid-19 in the first place?

To follow through the cynics’ questioning to its logical conclusion, the following line of query could emerge: did the government not think of crafting concrete strategies and a concerted plan of action to help activate the emergency rule? In other words, asking people for ideas a few weeks into the emergency rule is tantamount to putting the cart before the horse, which is confounding.

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That said, one could possibly argue that the challenges posed by the pandemic have become immense so that ideas of different hues from various quarters should be welcomed.

If feedback of the people is indeed needed in the government’s attempt to improve on the implementation of the emergency, then it appears that the most appropriate mechanism for meaningful and robust discussions to take place is Parliament (as well as state assemblies).

It is most unfortunate that Parliament has been suspended under emergency rule – for this is the place where the voice of the people can be rightly heard through their elected representatives.

Moreover, proper and civil debates can be held in the august chamber in the common pursuit of seeking the best ideas in the resolve to tackle the huge problems faced by the nation.

Besides, there have been calls for a bipartisan, if not all-party, approach to fighting the pandemic and tackling the economic problems confronting the country. Shouldn’t the lower house, then, be an apt place to build positive synergies – and at the same time reduce politicking – to combat the pandemic, our common foe?

Political differences must be left at the door of the Dewan Rakyat – should the suspension be rescinded – before embarking on fruitful discussions if the interests and concerns of the rakyat are to be prioritised, especially when time is of the essence.

It is crucial to remind ourselves that, while some Malaysians are still busy politicking, that may, in turn, give rise to a pandemic and political fatigue among others, the virus remains virulent. – The Malaysian Insight

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loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
20 Feb 2021 8.05am

Schools are to be reopened soon, nevermind that the numbers forecast counters are already opened for business.
To anyone but the most ardent govt. supporter, the emergency serves only one function, it allows a minority govt.to cling to power.
Is one a traitor to question the need for this small’e’ emergency?
I think not!

Hakimi Abdul Jabar
19 Feb 2021 2.43pm

When the executive & head of state USURP the functioning powers of an elected legislature by way of suspension, a functioning Democracy & the entrenched System of Checks & Balances no longer exist. What do other Democracies call this? The USA with the highest number of Covid-19 related deaths has not & never suspended Congress! Neither has India nor Singapore nor Indonesia.


Is Microsoft, Google & Amazon supportive of Dictatorships & the Downfall of Functioning Democracies & System of Checks & Balances?

The backlash will come from Democracies & its Free Citizens!

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