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When Hadi takes a swipe at Pakatan  


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If a person’s true character is reflected in his or her public expressions, then Pas president Hadi Awang has disrobed himself recently in a manner that could only make concerned people aghast.

On the eve of Malaysia Day, Hadi made possibly the most sweeping statement on this side of the Suez Canal, targeting Pakatan Harapan (PH) politicians and others of similar ilk.

In a tone that could only be associated with a holier-than-thou attitude, the Marang MP cast a wide net in accusing many in PH of being “non-believers and immoral’.

According to Hadi, the coalition cannot be fair, indulges in lies and accepts those who are corrupt. He also accused them of being anti-Islam, anti-Malay and anti-royalty.

These are obviously serious allegations thrown at his political rivals. Mudslinging is not indicative of sophisticated politics.

To be sure, the PH has been painted pitch black, with the aim of Hadi gaining traction with certain elements in the Malay-Muslim community prior to the next general election.

It is most unfortunate that, as Malaysia commemorates the 59th anniversary of its formation, there are still politicians who have chosen to be reckless in their public expressions, which have adverse effects on PH.

Given that PH represents the interests and concerns of many Malaysians, such recklessness exhibited by Hadi also has repercussions on the diverse peoples that make up what is called Malaysia.

While there are no saints in politics, surely it is unfair to paint them all – especially the PH politicians – black with the same brush.

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If manufacturing and disseminating lies is part and parcel of Malaysian politics, then it is highly unfair to make lying look like the preserve of PH politicians.

We know of certain political leaders outside of PH who have lied barefaced in recent times, and we – as well as Hadi – know who they are.

Regarding Hadi’s displeasure of PH accepting the “corrupt” into its fold, he would be in a better position to inform us how certain political parties came together – after a hushed meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya – to remove the democratically elected PH government.

The power grab had the effect of betraying the people’s mandate and trust – the kind of shenanigans to which Islam, like many other religious traditions, does not take kindly.

Incidentally, certain members of the component parties of the new government, of which Pas is a willing partner, are mired in corruption charges or have been found guilty of corruption.

Mind you, the corrupt and the alleged corrupt in the parties concerned are mostly Malay-Muslim, a reality that seems to have countered the Hadi’s insistence recently that the roots of corruption in our beloved country are the ethnic minorities.

Such an allegation unsurprisingly triggered a backlash primarily from the ethnic minority community, accusing Hadi of being racist. Would the Pas president, as a response, call for them to be chased out of the country?

The monarchy is an established institution in our country. To disobey a sultan’s advice or decree can be considered disloyal, as Hadi would know its implications because one of his senior party members disregarded the Selangor Sultan, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, who gave an instruction to not bar Malays from participating in the Japanese Bon Odori Festival held recently.

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There are also politicians who are ‘merchants’ of Islam, exploiting the religion for political and material gain. Like most concerned Muslims, Hadi should be wary of such characters. – The Malaysian Insight

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21 Sep 2022 7.04pm

Hadi is hypocrisy personified. He lies with a straight face and is the most dangerous man in Malaysia because from his rantings he is not averse to stoking racial sensitivities…

The unfortunate thing is that the PAS non-muslim supporters wing does not see anything wrong with what Hadi has uttered publicly. The wing has even defended Hadi!

The only thing good about Hadi is that he is a doddering old man and he does not have much time to create more mischief.

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
21 Sep 2022 11.01am

That man should confine himself and his brain (if he has any) to his faith and not involve in politics.

21 Sep 2022 2.08am

Only one word to describe him – soulless.

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