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Why all this ecological destruction in Malaysia?

Residents of KinraraMas in Puchong protesting against the constant stench and illegal dumping of waste

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Despite all the talk and promises by leaders and authorities, the rape of our precious environment continues, laments JD Lovrenciear.

The latest environmental attack is going on right here in the Klang Valley.

A 1.2ha illegal dumpsite next to the high-density KinraraMas Apartments and townhouses in Puchong has been reported in a news portal.

Residents in the 540 apartments and 56 townhouses are said to be suffering from respiratory-related infections. Even the reporters who came to cover the residents’ protest felt unwell within two hours.

As usual, attempts by the residents to raise the alarm felt on the deaf ears of authorities.

And now there seems to be a cover-up as bulldozers are levelling the dumpsite in what seems like an attempt to bury the filth.

But the effects of environmental attacks are taking a toll on the hundreds of residents: toxic leachate from the waste and stench continues to be the main suspect causing residents to fall sick.

The script is the same all across the country. Dump the waste and toxins. Level it up quickly after months of protest. And when media and politicians suddenly appear, it is always a case of ‘Okay-lah semuanya sudah okay now”.

Meanwhile the poisons are here to stay, silently destroying our air and water out of sight of media and environmentalists.

Numerous cases of environmental pollution have surfaced, ranging from imports of the world’s plastic waste to desperate attempts to ship out radioactive waste back to source countries to mismanagement of domestic waste. You name it, we have been doing it.

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Despite all the talk and promises by leaders and authorities, the rape of our precious environment continues without any decisive long-term philosophy.

Indeed if all these is not a manifestation of corruption, then pray enlighten the masses what  is. What loyalty and patriotism to king and country are we talking about when we keep destroying this beloved land we call home?

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