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Widening the boundaries of media freedom in Malaysia
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Kami adalah sekumpulan individu dan organisasi Malaysia yang komited untuk memperjuangkan kebebasan media melalui pengedaran satu manifesto media untuk mempertingkatkan kesedaran orang ramai.

We are a group of Malaysian individuals and organisations committed to striving for media freedom in Malaysia through the promotion of a media charter to raise public awareness.

How it all began...

Join the charter2000 e-mail discussion group
Join the Charter2000 Discussion Group

In this e-mail discussion group, we discuss the state of media freedom in Malaysia and how we can broaden the limited space available with the help of a media charter to raise awareness. Our e-mail discussion group includes editors, journalists, media academics, communications students and others concerned about the state of media freedom in Malaysia. If you want to join this group, just write to the list manager with a brief description of yourself.

NST show-cause letter: Eroding press freedom?

nst Thinking Malaysians must be bewildered at the government's show-cause letter to the New Straits Times over its publication of a controversial syndicated cartoon.

Sarawak Tribune's serious lapse of judgement, butů

tribune What the Tribune did was clearly inappropriate. But we oppose any attempt by government to control the media through censorship under threat of closure.

Creating free spaces and alternative ideas

musanilsaid Each time the state narrows the space for freedom of the media, activists have bounced back with creative ways to get their message across, recount Mustafa Kamal Anuar and Anil Netto.

Standing up for freedom and justice

rama Let history record that we at this time and place did our little bit for the cause, says P Ramakrishnan, in tracing the history of Aliran Monthly.

Charter 2000 is a citizens' media initiative with its secretariat at the Aliran office
103 Medan Penaga,11600 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60-(0)4-658 5251 Fax: +60-(0)4-658 5197
e-mail: [email protected]


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has released its 2005 worldwide press freedom index, ranking Malaysia a lowly 113th.

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