Widening the boundaries of media freedom in Malaysia
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Charter 2000 media statements

7 February 2006 - NST show-cause letter: Eroding press freedom?
7 February 2006 - Sarawak Tribune's serious lapse of judgement, butů
22 April 2005 - Respect differing views
12 April 2005 - The joke is on the government
20 Sept 2003 - Don't Penalise Whistle-blowers
17 July 2003 - "Internet Monitoring" for whose Benefit?
3 May 2003 - Pall of Gloom Hangs over World Press Freedom Day
10 Apr 2003 - Lethal Censorship
11 Mar 2003 - Charter 2000-Aliran condemns mob attack on Indonesian newsmagazine
28 Feb 2003 - Aliran/Hakam/Suaram joint appeal: Defend Freedom of Expression!
21 Jan 2003 - Hands Off Malaysiakini! Abolish Sedition Act
21 Dec 2002 - Stop arresting 'rumour-mongers' under ISA!
4 Dec 2002 - Drowning Tragedy: NST's Irresponsible Reporting
13 Nov 2002 - Don't Trample on Basic Rights in Hong Kong
29 Aug 2002 - Proposed Media Council: Repeal repressive laws first
11 May 2002 - Charter 2000 welcomes Mah's remarks, urges Bar to endorse manifestos
2 May 2002 - Charter 2000 seeks endorsement from NUJ and other unions
16 Jan 2002 - Mainstream media must be fair in reporting on by-election campaign
14 Jan 2002 - No Place Under the Sun for Independent Journalism?
30 May 2001 - Takeover of Chinese newspapers not just a Chinese issue
22 May 2001 - A Blow for Media Freedom if Star buys Nanyang Press
3 May 2001 - World Press Freedom Day: A Call for Greater Media Freedom

Selected Articles

Mustafa & Anil: Creating free spaces and alternative ideas - press freedom struggle
Ramakrishnan: Standing up for freedom and justice - Let history record our struggle
Hilley: Media complicity and the economy of double-speak - Myth of "objective reporting"
Mustafa: Authoritarian governments and opaque democracy - Book review
Wong: Euro 2004 - The fever and the frenzy
Wong: Propagandists for the BN (Part 1) - RTM and TV3 were the main culprits
Wong: Propagandists for the BN (Part 2) - Journalistic integrity in short supply
Mustafa: Blog puts media on notice - 2004 General Election media monitoring
Mustafa: The media circus comes to town - General Election 2004
Ng: Daily Vs Daily - Challenging The Big Boys
Mustafa: Media Overkill
Interview with Tan Jo Hann: Creative Media For Change
Mustafa: Baying for Blood - International media, watchdogs or cheerleaders for war?
Aeria: Silencing the Independent Media in Malaysia - Police raid on Malaysiakini
Netto: Clampdown on Media Freedom - Police raid on Malaysiakini
Netto: Free Media - An Endangered Species
Mahathir And CNN's "Dirty Tactics": PM so used to being mollycoddled by the local media
Journalists Call for Press Freedom, 2002
Suffering for the Truth: Final part of Charter 2000's interview with Said Zahari
Two Different Worlds, One Common Struggle: Charter 2000 interviews Said Zahari
NST: All Dressed Up But Will It Go Places?
After The Sun Takeover: Increasing concentration of media ownership
Sun Sets on Malaysian Journalism: Press Freedom must be guarded jealously
It Matters Who Owns the Media
Independent Media Night: Speech by P Ramakrishnan at SCAH on 24 August 2001
An Op-press-ive Council in the Making?
KAMI's Seven Relevant Demands Towards Greater Media Freedom
Journalists Speak Out
Malaysian Journalism in the Doldrums: Reflections of a Journalist of the 1960s
Aliran Amends Defamation Suit Against Murad
When Other Voices are Muffled: Curbs are Stifling Media Freedom
Unfair Coverage: A look at the mainstream media's bias in the 1999 general election